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Jochamp launched a spout pouch filling machine to increase output by up to 50%. The spout packing machine offers safe, cleaner, and fully enclosed operation. It integrates state-of-the-art technology, as shown in its features and functions. ISO9001, cGMP, and CE-compliant.

  • Adopts intelligent PLC control system
  • 7-inch display screen sets two language versions
  • Internationally-renowned brand accessories
  • Standard auxiliary bag opening mechanism

Jochamp Spout Pouch Filling Machine

The spout pouch filling and capping machine works automatically. From pouches feeding, positioned filling, nozzles cleaning, caps screwing, and so on. It integrates a fault diagnosis system, humanized man-machine industrial control, etc. According to your requirements, we can also add some functions.

Jochamp spout pouch packing machine is designed to fill a variety of liquids, including beverages, fruit juice, milk, and detergent. Dust-proof cover ensures hygiene and safety. Plus, a cold and hot two sealing systems to guarantee 100% air tightness. The unit can be connected with a multi-head weigher, auger filler, volumetric cup feeder, Z shape Bucket elevator, and more.

Spout Pouch Sealing Machine - Running Procedure

Our spout pouch filling machine is specifically developed to fill liquid and paste pouches. It incorporates a side spout pouch, premade center spout pouch, and so on. The pharmaceutical, food industry, and medical industries will benefit from these units.

Working principle includes:

Pouch Loading – Pouch Gripping – Optional Printing/Embossing – Pouch Bag Opening & Detection – Pouch Filling – Product Settling or Other Options – Pouch Sealing & Deflation – Cooling & Discharge.

Spout Pouch Filling Machine - User-Friendly Design

Jochamp spout filling machine functional features makes it user-friendly. The following components integrate performance and composition. Able to provide fast and easy operation, large output, and better packaging.

  • Controlled by PLC system and equipped with touch screen HMI control system
  • Employs a frequency conversion speed control device
  • The bag’s width is adjusted by motor control.
  • Utilize a plexiglass safety door to protect the operators.
  • The moving parts are equipped with a protective cover
  • Intelligent fault diagnosis and display directly on the screen
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Stainless Steel 304 Frame. More Compact Design, Less Floor Space. Powerful Man-Machine Interface. Schneider, SMC, SICK-brands Electrical Appliances. Remote System Diagnosis.

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