Shisha Tobacco Quality Control

When manufacturing shisha tobacco, certain quality processes will ensure you have a high-quality product.

There are two fundamental aspects of shisha tobacco quality control aspects. First, it starts with choosing raw materials and shisha tobacco manufacturing. Second, you must consider packaging and labeling requirements.

Let’s explore some critical quality control processes in shisha tobacco manufacturing:

Shisha Tobacco
Shisha Tobacco

Testing of Raw Material for Shisha Tobacco Production

Quality control of shisha tobacco starts with testing of the raw materials since they play the first role in the production of shisha tobacco. These comprise testing of identity, purity, and content of shisha tobacco.

Laboratory Testing

Some of the raw materials used during the shisha tobacco manufacturing process must be tested in the laboratory to ensure they are safe for human consumption.

Laboratory control is an integral part of good manufacturing since it helps to analyze the kind of addictive chemicals used or added during shisha tobacco manufacturing.

Quality Control Under Pharmacopeia

Pharmacopoeia is the reference work in their respective geographical area of application. All manufacturers of shisha tobacco must comply with the quality standards described in the pharmacopeia. That is, for them to be allowed to bring their products into the market corresponding to geographical region.

Inspection Method

Inspection method quality control of shisha tobacco involves looking at and assessing all raw materials used in the production of shisha tobacco. Usually, this helps to reduce possible flaws during the shisha tobacco production process.

Blending/flavoring of Shisha Tobacco Control

Blending or flavoring is an important part of the shisha tobacco manufacturing process. During this process, the quality control ensures that it evaluates anything or substances that could potentially harm customers or consumers during smoking.

Food flavor additives are regulated and monitored by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drugs Administration for any possible adverse effects on humans. It also helps to identify the chemical analyses present in each flavor used.

The common ratio used for molasses or honey is ratio 3:1.That means for every 3 grams of tobacco used 1 gram of molasses or honey is used.

Shisha Tobacco Flavors
Shisha Tobacco Flavors

Fermentation in Shisha Tobacco Production

Generally, fermented products usually have the best quality and that’s why shisha tobacco undergoes the fermentation process to have the best aroma and taste.

When fermenting shisha tobacco there are a lot of conditions like temperature, time, humidity, and moisture content involved.

Quality control of shisha tobacco helps to ensure control of all these features:

  • Moisture content that should be present
  • Level of temperature
  • Amount of humidity
  • How long should the fermentation take place

Shisha Tobacco Quality Control during a Packaging and Storage


There are different types of packaging materials used in shisha tobacco. The type of packaging should help to preserve the freshness of shisha tobacco and make it last longer.

Package Printing

Package printing, content size, materials, and color should match all your samples and products. Quality control helps to ensure package printing, content size, materials, and color are similar to the rest of the sample and products.

Possible Damages

There should be no damage to the carton, label, or products. Quality control of shisha tobacco ensures there is no damage to the carton label products during packaging before they are sold out to the consumers.

Quality control during packaging ensures that all packages are completely sealed using the right or appropriate methods and materials. The structure integrity of your carton needs verification including sealing, binding, and strapping.

Perform Carton Drop Testing

Carton drop testing is an important quality control measure as it helps to ensure that your packaging can withstand the rigors of shipping and handling. In this process, the carton is held at a specific height and dropped onto a solid surface. This is to ensure the packaging quality is not compromised and the product inside it is not damaged at all.

Shisha Tobacco with Different Flavors Packed in Packets
Shisha Tobacco with Different Flavors Packed in Packets

Barcodes and Labelling are Clear, Accurate and Legible

The Universal Product Code (UPC) label on the carton should be printed clearly and accurately. This is important because if the barcodes or labels are unreadable it could result in delays or errors. The UPC should be able to scan correctly to avoid potential issues at the retailer.

Pallet Packaging Matches with Specifications

The importance of these quality control measures cannot be overstated since they help to ensure that your products are safely and securely shipped. You should ensure to have pallet specifications if you shipping with pallets. If the pallets don’t match your specifications, it compromises your packaging control.

Correct Number of Assortment and Units

Quality control in packaging ensures the number of units per retail carton and the amount of retail cartons per master carton is accurate with the specifications.

Shisha Tobacco Storage

Proper storage of shisha tobacco plays a major factor in maintaining the flavor, moisture, and overall quality.

During quality control in shisha tobacco storage, several measures must be considered to ensure proper storage of shisha tobacco products.

Quality Control Measures in Shisha Tobacco Storage

Choose the Right Container

Quality control of shish tobacco storage helps to consider or choose the right type of container when storing shisha tobacco. The right type of container should be airtight.

These type of containers helps to create a barrier against external elements such as air, light, and moisture which can lead to degrading the quality of shisha tobacco.

Store in Cool and Dark Place

Shisha tobacco when stored in places with a lot of heat or light quickly dries out and causes it to lose its flavor. Quality control in shisha tobacco storage ensures that tobacco is stored in cool and dark places like the cabinet away from direct sunlight and any source of heat.

Shisha Tobacco Storage Jars
Shisha Tobacco Storage Jars

Control the Humidity

Quality control in shisha tobacco storage helps to maintain the right humidity while storing shisha tobacco helps to prevent the tobacco from becoming too dry or over-moist.

Avoid Exposure to Air

Normally when shisha tobacco is exposed to air during storage, it can lead to deterioration in the quality of shisha tobacco.

Quality control of shisha tobacco storage helps to ensure they are not exposed to air thus helping to maintain their flavors and freshness.

Separate the Flavors and Aromas

Shisha tobacco has different flavors which have different aromas too. When these flavors are stored together, they can easily blend and contaminate each other.

To maintain the integrity of each, you should ensure tobacco with different flavors and aromas are stored differently from each other.

Date of Expiry.

Label your container with the date of expiry, date of purchase, and date of manufacturing so that the consumers can keep track of the freshness of shisha tobacco.


Shisha tobacco quality control during packaging and storage helps to maintain the quality of shisha tobacco. There are several measures to be taken or adhered to during packaging and storage of shisha tobacco as discussed above.

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