Pet Food Packaging Machine Manufacturer

Jochamp manufactures pet food packaging machines based on our customers’ needs. We strictly conduct 100% inspection and testing on our machines to ensure their effectiveness and quality.

  • Meticulous Quality Control
  • Firm Transport Packaging
  • Support Upgrade Maintenance
  • Complete Turnkey Ability

Jochamp Pet Food Packaging Machine

A packaging machine for pet food built with a multi-head weigher to perform accurate quantitative fillings. It has a bag-making device that is responsible for making bags according to the packaging bag size sets. It has also a bag cutting function that separately cuts the finished product after packaging. And lastly, through the conveyor, the packed products are transported.

Jochamp pet food packaging machine is equipped with accurate and special sensors for material presence or absence detection. That’s why you can achieve your precise & stable fillings using our packaging equipment.

Different Packaging Materials

Jochamp pet food packaging machine can utilize various material containers of pet food including:

  • Aluminum can
  • Tin can
  • Plastic can
  • Jars
  • Premade pouch

Common Parts

Jochamp’s packaging machine for pet food is equipped with the following parts:

  • Net weight scale (dual)
  • Robotic bag palletizer (high-speed)
  • Stretch hooder
  • Open-mouth bagger (dual spout)
  • Stretch wrapper
Jochamp – Trusted Pet Food Packaging Machine Supplier
Jochamp – Trusted Pet Food Packaging Machine Supplier

We have the ability to create a specific design that would precisely match your production requirements. That’s why any sort of machines you want for your pet packaging needs, Jochamp can provide.

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