Mobile Box Packing Machine Manufacturer

Jochamp produces advanced mobile box packing machines with fast sealing capabilities. The machine with stable sealing quality and strong frames. Our mobile box packing machine has an entirely automatic system.

  • Sturdy designs
  • High impact resistance
  • Excellent finishing
  • Enhanced display

Jochamp Mobile Box Packing Machine

The mobile box packing machine has a copper alloy sealing knife with Teflon. It won’t stick film and does not produce any smoke. We ensure that we are providing a non-pollution mobile box packing machine. It is equipped with the latest sensors that can reach high speed working.

Jochamp mobile box packing machine is available in different sizes. We can assure you that the designs and sizes of our machines do not compromise their quality and performance. It is convenient to use and has a high level of protection for the operator.

Top 7 Benefits of Mobile Box Packing Machine

  1. A cost-effective packing method
  2. Alarms and safety measures attached
  3. Simple to use and maintain
  4. Excellent perforation system design
  5. Incorporate timers and photo sensors
  6. Sealing technique produces a solid, smooth sealing line
  7. Suitable for sealing various types of mobile cartons
Reciprocating Shrink Wrapper
ZWG-590/720 High-speed hob shrink wrapper

Machinery Functions and Characteristics

  • Heavy-duty steel frame with adjustable height
  • Digital temperature controller (can be adjusted as per desire)
  • Capable of high-speed automatic operations
  • Convenient to modify various product sizes
  • Imported, electrical and pneumatic components
  • The case sealer is powered by side belts with top- and bottom-sealing
Mobile Box Packing Machine to Boost Your Production

Jochamp provides high-quality packaging solutions for competitive prices. We offer full pre-sale and after-sale services of mobile box packing machines.

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