Is Green Tea Good For You?

Green tea is made from a plant known as camellia sinensis leaves and buds and it has both its benefits and its side effects when consumed in the human body.

Green Tea Ingredients

 Green Tea
Green Tea
  • Polyphenols – They are the most popular and it is used to give both flavor and taste. Usually, these ingredients contribute to reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Amino acids – It contains anti-anxiety effects.
  • Caffeine – Caffeine usually acts as a stimulant in the human body. Besides, they also help to prevent certain diseases like asthma and help to increase the metabolic rate.
  • Vitamins – There are different types of vitamins found in green tea. Vitamin C, and vitamin B help to lessen stress and help to boost the immune system.
  • Catechins – They usually act as detoxicants since they have antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Additionally, they also help to lower cholesterol levels and prevent allergies.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

  • Helps to Prevent and Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Drinking green tea helps to manage and prevent type 2 diabetes. Additionally, green tea helps to lessen insulin resistance that may cause type 2 diabetes.

  • Support Weight Loss

Studies suggest that drinking green tea helps to reduce weight loss.The catechins, an antioxidant presenting green tea help to break down fat.

  • Reduces Blood Pressure

Antioxidants help to reduce inflammation which aids healthy blood flow thus reducing blood pressure.

  • Help to Support Bone Health

Drinking green tea helps to lower the risk of osteoporosis. Studies indicate that too much concentration of antioxidants in green tea helps to improve bone formation.

  • Lower the Risk of Cancer

Studies suggest that the consumption of green tea helps to lower the risk of getting cancer body like breast cancer and prostate cancer among others.

  • Helps during Constipation

Green tea helps during constipation by relieving chronic and setting off the small intestine thus motivating the movement of the lower bowel.

  • Protect the Brain from Aging

Caffeine helps to improve brain function and helps to protect it from aging.

  • Lower Cholesterol

High sugar levels can lead to high levels of cholesterol. Green tea helps to manage sugar levels, which can indirectly lower cholesterol levels.

  • Regulate Blood Sugar Level

Studies show that green tea consumption helps to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels which help to prevent and manage type 2 diabetes.

Green tea
Green Tea

Side Effects of Taking Too Much Green Tea.

As much as drinking green tea has its health benefits, it also has its side effects on the human body.Here are some of the side effects caused by drinking too much green tea;

  • Risk for Pregnancy

Green tea contains tannins, caffeine, and catechins that may pose a greater risk to pregnancy.Too much of these components can lead to miscarriage and born to underweight infants.

  • Bleeding Disorder

Consumption of green tea can activate bleeding disorders since it has components in it that reduce the level of fibrinogen.

  • Dizziness

Too much consumption of caffeine causes headaches that might lead to dizziness.

  • Caffein Addiction

Regular drinking of green tea leads to caffeine addiction which can lead to withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, increased heartbeats, and sometimes even fatigue.

  • Causes Heartburn

Too much caffeine in the body increases the total acidity in the stomach which may lead to heartburn.

  • Damage Liver

Studies suggest that too much consumption of green tea causes stress to the liver which might damage the liver.

  • Causes Insomnia

L-theanine and caffeine can inhibit the production of hormones that cause poor sleep quality.

  • Iron Deficiency

Green tea has tannins and too much consumption may lead to iron deficiency. Lack of iron in the body affects the circulation and brain activities among others.

  • Headaches

The caffeine present in green tea when consumed in large quantities might lead to headaches.

  • Digestive Problems

Too much consumption of green tea can lead to irritation of the digestive tract thus causing stomach aches and constipation among others.

Recommended Quantity of Green Tea You Can Take

Green tea has both its advantages and disadvantages when consumed in the human body. The recommended quantity of green tea to take is 2-3 cups a day is considered safe.

It is advisable to seek guidance from a qualified healthcare to help you determine how you should take.

Final Verdict

Green tea is healthy in the human body when taken in the right quantity measures since it also has its side effects on the human body.

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