Leading Incense Stick Packing Machine Manufacturer in China

JOCHAMP is a trusted supplier of incense stick packing machine which is a fully automated machine that offers high stability, low waste rates, etc. Its designs meet the demand application for different industries.

  • Provide high performance
  • High stability
  • Help to improve production efficiency
  • Saving labor

JOCHAMP Incense Stick Packing Machines

The incense stick packing machines have automatic counting, sealing, feeding, and packing that is used for high-speed operations. This is designed to use for manufacturing plants, retail, and incense factory. It has a high-quality double servo mechanical structure that is very easy to maintain and can provide long-life service.

With more than 15 years of manufacturing an incense packing machine, we assure that provides accurate and best performance during production. We can offers a customized incense stick packing machines to meet your requirement together with an affordable prices.

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Incense Stick Packing Machines Application

The incense stick packing machine is widely used for different applications for counting and packaging:

  • Incense of Buddha
  • Fly and mosquito incense king
  • Stick incense
  • Bamboo stick incense
  • Sixth-generation incense and many more
Incense Stick Packing Machines Application

Machine Parameter and structures

JOCHAMP incense stick packing machines are equipped with the following:

  • Film stretching bag making
  • Sealing
  • Automatic measuring cup metering
  • Real-time display for operations
  • Double scale for weighing test again
  • It has a multilingual touch screen
  • Screw metering
  • Double scale weighing device
  • Servo control system and more
Enhance your Business with JOCHAMP Incense Stick Packing Machines

We offer a high-quality incense stick packing machine that is able to make the seal perfect which is very useful for your demand applications. JOCHAMP offers low MOQ, fast delivery, and high productivity together with affordable prices.


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