Gummy Packaging Machine Manufacturer

Jochamp is a professional manufacturer of gummy packaging machine that is energy efficient and reduces major costs. It passes several certifications such as ISO9001, SGS, CE, and cGMP standards.

  • Guarantee consistent performance
  • High-end control system
  • Compact design
  • Food-grade contact surface
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Jochamp Gummy Packaging Machine

The gummy packaging machine is an automatic packaging tool for gummy candy and many other sticky products. It is the fastest and easiest solution to pack gummy products into bottles, bags, or pouches. The gummy packaging machine can reduce working time and increase production.

Jochamp offers a safe and reliable gummy packaging machine with professional construction and plans. The machine is manufactured in compliance with GMP, CE, WHO, and many more. With its numerous specifications and construction models, Jochamp gummy packaging machine is really a perfect solution for your packaging business.

Different Gummy Packaging Options

  • Sealed Plastic Bags: One of the cost-effective, efficient, and quick packaging solutions for gummy candy is a heat-sealed plastic bag. These bags are mostly produced from polypropylene plastic.
  • Plastic Bottles: Another well-known packaging option for candy gummies. Bottles are easy to source, cost-effective, and involve the benefits of easily re-close.
  • Cartons: Like bottles and bags, cartons are also cost-effective packaging and are easy to fill. No matter what carton shape you prefer for your packaging business, Jochamp has an automatic cartoning machine.
Different Gummy Packaging Options
Gummy Packaging Machine for Various Industries

Gummy Packaging Machine for Various Industries

  • Nutraceutical Industry: Jochamp gummy packaging machine is widely used for sealed packaging of nutritional gummy supplements. These machines can improve the shelf life, freshness, and stability of nutritional supplements.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Most pharmaceutical industries produce gummy products used to medicate certain illnesses or pregnancy deficiency problems. The packaging of these products needs a gummy packaging machine.
  • Food Décor and Food Industry: Gummy packaging machine plays an important role to package gummies, confectionary items, and sweet. It is widely used to pack jellies, candies, and much more.
  • Herbal Industry: The machine is greatly used to package cannabidiol edible, gummy tea extracts, and gummy lozenges.
  • Cosmetic Industry: The machines are suitable to pack cosmetic products that are sticky or gummy in nature, such as gummy soaps, gummy lipsticks, gummy facial products, etc.
  • Stationary Industry: Jochamp gummy packaging machine is ideally used in stationery item packaging such as gummy pencil toppers, key chains, scented erasers, etc.
Gummy Packaging Machine Manufacturer
Reliable Gummy Packaging Machine Provider in China

You can start an excellent gummy packaging when you rely upon the JOCHAMP packaging machine. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing packaging machines for gummy products. Our team can provide free sample tests, excellent customer service, and one-year quality assurance.

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