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Jochamp is a professional supplier of ice cream packaging machines for both small and large-scale businesses. Our machines have a high degree of performance and can run for a long period.

  • Assures precise packing
  • Guaranteed high-speed
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Free sample
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Custom Ice Cream Packaging Machine Supplier - Jochamp

Ice cream packaging machines are machines that pack ice cream products. It can accommodate practically any product, including a variety of shapes and sizes. Standard and custom solutions are available to meet your needs and budget. Our state-of-the-art robotic case packers can pick and pack your ice cream into cases whether it’s in plastic or paper boxes.

If your business is looking for a more effective packaging solution, Jochamp is your best choice. The machine has the capacity to pack ice creams up to 200 cases per minute. Please send us your inquiries today!

Ice Cream Packaging Machine: Main Features

Jochamp is a well-known manufacturer of automated ice cream packaging machines. Because of their positive qualities and features, these devices are popular in the food business. Its further features include:

  • Used in making consumer-sized quantities of ice cream.
  • The machine can pack up to 50 each minute.
  • Package sizes range from 135 to 240 mL.
  • Aluminum foil lamination is used in packaging.
  • Stainless steel construction.
Advantages of Our Ice Cream Packaging Machines

Advantages of Our Ice Cream Packaging Machines

  1. Waste Reduction: The ice cream packaging machine features a simple and convenient execution, high control quality, high energy efficiency, and a packaging approval rate of 99.9%.
  2. High Productivity: The machine is attached to the front-end production line to fulfill mass-production automated production needs.
  3. Long Service Life: The machine have a high configuration, high corrosion resistance, and normal service life of 10 to 15 years.
Outstanding Ice Cream Packaging Machine Supplier

Jochamp ice cream packaging machine can be totally customized to your special requirements. Please discuss with us your designs and we’ll make them for you!

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