Factors Affecting Food Packaging Machine Cost

As years go by, food packaging machines continue to replace manual packaging.

This much-needed change is a consequence of the limitations associated with human food packaging like the risk of contamination and time wastage.

However, these machines come at a price. The unit cost of a machine depends on:

· Automation Level

Contemporary food packaging machines come with varying levels of automation. They range from semi-automatic machines to robotic machines that hardly necessitate any manual input. When acquiring a food packaging machine, you should be aware that the price increases as the complexity of automation grows.

· Specific Features

The inclusion of more advanced features on a food packaging machine will have you digging deeper into your pockets.

A simple machine with basic features like a manual shuttle film-to-tray machine will come at a significantly lower price. A complex machine like a fully computerized packing machine, on the contrary, will cost you significantly more.

Basic Components of a Food Packaging Machine
Basic Components of a Food Packaging Machine

· Production Capacity

The difference in packaging capacity over a specified period also impacts your food packaging machine cost.

Relatively larger units will demand you dig deeper into your pockets owing to the bigger production capacity. However, this should not worry you, since larger capacities translate into faster packaging.

· Quality of Machine and its Components

The production of manual food packaging machines necessitates less complicated components consequently lowering the production cost.

Remember, the manufacturing of fully robotic machines on the other hand necessitates sophisticated parts like computerized controls, which elevate the cost of production. This difference in production cost and quality translates into different prices for you.

· Customization

Manufacturers can design a food packaging machine uniquely to ensure it duly satisfies your packaging needs.

For instance, the receiving plate can be customized in size and design to accommodate your line of food products. This customization is likely to have you digging deeper into your wallets.

· Brand Reputation

Well-reputable brands tend to charge you more for their food packaging machines. This is mainly because their other consumers trust them and their products.

Also, the premium charges imply that the machine is of tip-top quality. However, you should be cautious to avoid overpaying for a product whose quality can be matched or bettered by a lesser-known brand.

· Location

Food packaging machine manufacturers in different regions charge varying fees and this reflects the difference in resource prices in distinct localities. Shipping charges as well as import duties may see you incurring more costs when procuring an imported machine.

· Market Demand

As is with most products, an elevation in the demand for food packaging machines can drive up the cost for you. This is because manufacturers and suppliers base their pricing on the machine’s perceived value.

· Competition

If various manufacturers find the food packaging machine market to be competitive, you are likely to benefit from the reduced prices. This is because the suppliers’ battle for more customers will force them to employ enticing tactics like lower prices and discounts.

· Safety Standards

Food processing and packaging machines undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet set safety and health standards. However, for certain foods, more stringent standards may be instituted. When acquiring such a machine, you will find yourself reaching deeper into your wallet due to the surplus designing applied.

· Taxes

Food packaging machines destined for foreign countries are subject to export and import duties. However, these duties may vary depending on the country of origin as well as the country of departure. When importing your food packaging machine, you will most probably incur extra costs depending on your country’s importation policies.

· After-Sales Support

The best manufacturers offer comprehensive after-sale services when you procure a food packaging machine from them or their accredited suppliers. These services may include extended warranties, free installation, and doorstep delivery. As such, you may end up paying more upfront, but in the long run, you will save a fortune.

· Operational Costs

While making your purchase, it is paramount that you also factor in the expected operational costs. These are expenses incurred when operationalizing the machine. Operational costs are subjective depending on the type and automation level of your machine.

1. Labor

Labor mainly applies to manual food packaging machines. With a manual machine, you will have to employ one or several operators depending on your machine’s packaging capacity. It is worth noting that the amount of wages or salaries you pay your operators must conform to your region’s labor laws.

2. Maintenance

For your food packaging machine to uphold its optimal functionality and last longer, you must maintain it frequently and appropriately. Hiring a skilled technician to carry out the maintenance will cost you a few bucks. Similarly, acquiring replacement or repair parts will also be at a cost.

3. Energy Consumption

At present, you can procure an energy-efficient food packaging machine. However, its purchasing price may be relatively higher compared to ordinary machines. You will however benefit greatly in the long run by saving on energy bills.

Food Packaging Machine Prices

The primary determinants of food packaging machine prices are automation levels and packaging capacity. Underneath, we look at the three most renowned packaging machine types and their approximate purchasing prices.

  • Manual Food Packaging Machines: The cost of acquiring a manual food packaging machine ranges from approximately $2,500 to $10, 000. Compared to the other types, these machines are quite affordable but are likely to incur more labor costs.
Manual Food Packaging Machine
Manual Food Packaging Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Food Packaging Machines: The semi-automatic machines necessitate some kind of human input but not as much as the manual machines. As such, they attract bigger costs, ranging from $10,000 to $ 65,000.
Semi Automatic Food Packaging Machine
Semi Automatic Food Packaging Machine
  • Fully Automatic Food Packaging Machines: These machines are self-reliant and they feature sophisticated technologies like computerized controls. This drives up their upfront cost (as much as $150,000), depending on the production capacity.
Fully Automatic Packaging Machine
Fully Automatic Packaging Machine

Kindly note that the aforementioned prices are estimates and they are subject to change depending on the manufacturer, capacity, and region.

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