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JOCHAMP has wide expertise in manufacturing and exporting popsicle packaging machines. The machine can be tailor-made according to the needs of the customer.

  • Simple to use
  • Fully customized equipment
  • Boost your manufacturing efficiency
  • Certifications include ISO, cGMP, and CE
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Popsicle Packaging Machine Manufacturer in China - Jochamp

Popsicle packaging machine is composed of a stepper motor (used to control the bag length), a microcomputer control system, and a temperature controller that control the temperature. Moreover, the machine provides different seal types, whether 3-sided seal, 4-sided seal, and back seal to meet your requirements.

Jochamp provides a custom popsicle packaging machine that uses different packaging materials: polyester, PE, polyethylene, paper, cellophane, BOPP film, and more. The machine can also print your logo for brand promotion.

Popsicle Packaging Machine: Outstanding Features

Jochamp is a trusted popsicle packaging machine supplier. We supply custom-made machines with complete features, such as:

  • All controls are contained in a single movable control panel, making operation simple and intuitive.
  • Box-motion cutter for high-volume product packaging and compact packaging
  • Preventing empty bags, no contents, no bag
  • Product cutting prevention: once the cutter has cut the product, the machine will stop.
  • Memory function: 99 groups of package parameters can be stored (product position, packing speed, bag length).
Popsicle Packaging Machine Outstanding Features

Custom Your Popsicle Packaging Machine With Us!

For many years in the industry, we have been focusing on delivering the right machines for your projects. Our machines are perfect for a variety of packing projects and industries.

We can customize the speed, the construction, the finishes, the capacities, the pack styles, and more according to your needs. Contact our professionals to discuss your requirements.

Leading Popsicle Packaging Machine Supplier
Leading Popsicle Packaging Machine Supplier in China

Our popsicle packaging machine can be constructed in accordance with your special specifications. With over 10 years of experience, so you can rely on our quality machines and premium services!

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