1. Something used to pack bath bombs

  • Shrink wrapping
  • Food film
  • Ribbon
  • Stickers
  • Foil
  • Paper bag
  • Thin paper
  • Kraft paper
  • Tags
  • Box
  • Gift bag

The list can go on forever, but a combination of one or more of the items above will provide enough materials to not only pack your bath bomb but also prepare it for transportation if needed.

Shrink Wrap bath bomb

I like that peasant woman’s idea of ​​shrink wrap, ribbons and labels You can make bath bombs for fun or for work. Either way, to some extent you want to display it as a gift or promotional item My goal is to answer every possible question, and the bath bomb is wrapped in this article. let’s start.

2. Shrink Wrap bath bomb

Shrink packaging is a simple plastic product that shrinks due to heating. There are all kinds of packaging from stationery to food. Shrink packaging is indeed everywhere. Why? Because it is very simple. Just put the bath bomb around and heat it with a hairdryer, and the bath bomb will shrink and seal.

2.1 What different types of shrink wrap can I use to wrap bath bombs?

You really only need one, but the types suitable for packaging bath bombs are…

  • Intermediate insert shrink wrap
  • Shrink sleeves
  • Shrink wrap bag

The most convenient way to pack your bath bomb is #3-shrink wrap bag. As you might expect, they are sealed on three sides and have an opening to place your bomb. Ideally, you should seal the bag and then heat it to shrink.

2.2 Is shrink packaging the same as a plastic wrap?

No, these two products did what they said, the shrink film shrinks and the cling film sticks. Heat the cling film and it will become more elastic. Try to stretch the shrink wrap, it will tear. For different purposes, these are definitely two different things.

2.3 Where can I buy shrink wrap?

You can buy shrink wrap at a very cheap price on Amazon. 200 shrink wraps are quite cheap, or if you want to use more, any number of shrink wraps can be bought, up to a few thousand in wholesale.

2.4 What is the shrink temperature of shrink packaging?

You really don’t need to get the best shrink wrap technology and heating. The thermal adjustment of the hairdryer is fine. If you really want to know, shrink wrap will shrink above 250 degrees Fahrenheit, it will melt at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and start to burn shortly after. Like I said, keep it simple and shrink your shrink wrap with a hairdryer.

2.5 What is shrink wrap made of?

I am afraid it is polymer plastic. The biggest enemy in the world. If you can avoid shrink packaging, the environment will thank you

Shrink Wrap bath bomb

3. Wrap a bath bomb with Paper towels

This is a good way to pack bath bombs. Just in case, we are not talking about toilet paper, we are talking about wrapping paper towels! If you like, you can use wrapping paper! You can’t walk far with paper towels in the toilet. On the other hand, you may have gone too far! Just in case. You never know!

Very thin translucent tissue paper is used for various packaging purposes but is particularly effective for gift packaging You can buy tissues in various colours. This allows you to match the atmosphere of the speech you want. Maybe you are looking for a colour that matches the favourite colour of your loved one or friend.

In small boxes or gift bags, tissue paper is a good base. You can even combine tissues of several colours. One colour serves as the base and a contrasting colour to wrap the bomb. Use your imagination. Paper towels are a good product for packaging your bath bombs and are more beneficial to the planet than plastic.

Shrink Wrap bath bomb

4. How to pack a bath bomb

Here, you can let your imagination run wild. Depending on the season, occasion or event, you can wrap a bath bomb as a gift in one million ways.

4.1 Wedding bath bomb

At the wedding, they can be tied up with net bags, dried flowers, and tied up with ribbons. All you need to work is to create a colour scheme with benefits or internal knowledge.

4.2 Bath bomb milkshake

A good example is the Starbucks-style take-out smoothie cup, which is ideal for mini bath bombs. Put half a dozen in a cup and use shredded paper towels or better hair rollers for bathing. Finally, colour-coordinated biodegradable straw is added. brilliant!

4.3 Classic bath bomb packaging

I mentioned kraft paper before. This gives a box with a classic appearance and a variety of bath bombs with classic style boxes and multi-colour labels. This kind of packaging has a truly classic and high-end appearance.

4.4 Christmas bath bomb theme.

These combined sizes, ordinary white bath bombs are used to make a snowman. In this case, you only need some transparent plastic packaging and a small bow to display these bath bombs. Usually, the creative design of your bathtub bomb will make you want to use the packaging as part of the final look.

Christmas bath bomb theme

4.5 Window Display Box for Bath Bomb

I’m not sure how much I like the design of this bath bomb packaging. It has a lot of potentials, but in this picture, maybe the colour contrast is a bit boring. You can see its potential. You can choose these neutral colours to create a classic image, but choosing a brighter colour combination will make you look more interesting. The choice is yours.

Window Display Box for Bath Bomb

5. Transport of Packaged bath bombs

This situation may arise, you may produce and sell DIY bath bombs at home. If you accept the order, you need to send the order to a third-party mail or package handler. The moment these bombs leave you, they fall into the hands of someone who is not as proud of them as you are and who doesn’t care about the way they arrive.

You want to keep them in their best condition to get this kind of evaluation from your customers. You have to make those fragile beauty bombs as safe as possible in transportation.

5.1 Use a sturdy box whenever possible

The box is obviously the right choice. Make sure it is large enough to accommodate the number of bath bombs you need to transport. To be honest, the bigger the space, the better.

The larger the space around the bomb, the larger the packaging space. Give them a beautiful, comfortable, and support your customer’s journey forward. They must arrive in the perfect state they left you.

Personally, I will put bubble wrap in the box first. Wrap the bomb with bubble wrap. One time is enough. Put a paper towel on the box and knead it. It won’t add filler, but it will look a little better when it arrives.

Put your shower bomb in the box and fill the gap with packing peanuts. You know that polystyrene. Add some bubble paper on top. A little more paper towels, greet your customers to open. Close the box, tightly seal, and be careful. Viola! Your bath bombs are packed and ready to ship.

If you are a bath bomb factory, you will need a professional bath bomb packing machine to help you, Johcamp provides a professional solution for shrink wrap both bomb.