This is the best solution for products that require strong security, there are different types of plastic films to suit these different levels of product protection.

1. What is shrink wrap?

Shrink wrapping is the process of heating a plastic film bag to shrink it tightly in the shape of the product. The outer cover of plastic wrap not only protects the product but also makes it harder to tamper with. Plastics are heated with a heat gun, or products and films can be sent through a hot tunnel.

When finished, the packaging will have a small, tamper-evident seam around it for extra security. While this is acceptable for lower-priced items, premium cosmetics and fragrances tend to switch to outer packaging.

2. What plastic is used for shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap is usually polyvinyl chloride or polyolefin, but it depends on the product. Your box will be able to suggest the best film to use for the task at hand.

3. How is shrink wrap done?

1) Products are grouped together (eg, a box of four cans).

2) Use a semi-automatic or fully automatic heat shrink packaging machine to pack the items into loose bags of plastic shrink film.

3) The product, now in the bag, is fed into a conveyor belt of a heated shrink tunnel.

4) The heat generated by the machine causes the film to shrink and adhere to the product.

5) The package is allowed to cool, during which time the film strengthens and wraps it tightly, leaving a rigid product package.

6) The heat will not affect the product inside the package, only slightly heat the product outside the package. Chocolate is often packed in shrink wrap without any side effects!

4. What are the benefits of shrink wrapping?

Low Cost: Since the shrink wrapping process is fairly simple, it is a cheaper automated packaging solution than other methods. This packaging also saves space when storing or transporting items. Versatile: Shrink wrap can be used on almost any product, regardless of size, shape or design. It’s also an effective way to keep items safe or bundle them together.

Indications of tampering: Covering the product with shrink wrap helps protect – if the packaging is torn or torn off, the product may have been tampered with. Provide Protection: Shrink wrap not only keeps the product clean but also protects it from fading caused by moisture or sunlight. It also creates an airtight barrier.

Visual appeal: Because it is transparent, shrink wrap displays the product exactly the same, while adding an extra, more attractive sheen. Eco-friendly: Many packaging companies use shrink wrap made of plastic called LDPE. It’s fully recyclable, which means it doesn’t cost money to send it to a landfill. It also reduces your carbon footprint.

5. What products are best for shrink wrapping?

Examples of food and non-food include:

  • Greeting Cards
  • candy
  • Several packs of playing cards
  • Books and other printed literature
  • Swatches and other samples
  • Games and puzzles
  • Hand tools
  • CDs and DVDs

6. What size products can be shrink-wrapped?

Any product within 600mm × 600mm (within reason) can be shrink-wrapped. For products larger than this size, sleeve packaging is suitable.

7. How much does shrink wrap cost?

Shrink wrap is a cheaper alternative to the outer packaging, discussed further below. Generally, a small shrink wrap can add 15-28p to the product. However, this will depend on the length of the run (i.e. the number of items being packaged) and the size of the product.

8. What are the alternatives to shrink wrap?

The main alternative to shrink wrap is sleeve wrap and overwrap.

9. When should we shrink wrap products in-house?

If you are only packaging disposables and samples, inner shrink wrap may be more suitable. Handheld devices like heat guns are cheap and you can install them for less than £200. However, if you want to do regular product running, it’s worth outsourcing to contract labour because it’s low cost.

10. Conclusion

For mass production, the shrink wrap job should be finished by professional shrink wrapping machine.

Jochamp high-speed shrink wrapping machine is produced according to Japan’s advanced technology and rich experience, and all electrical components are imported. Compared to the traditional shrink wrapper, the speed of our machine has increased by 2-10 times, and you can save up to 10 labor costs.

Through technical research and development, our packaging has reduced the protruding corners and made the sealing line thinner, it brings you a more beautiful product display on your shelf. Besides, we have uniquely designed the sealing knife to reduce waste film by 15%. With the help of three servos, our high speed shrink wrapper is more intelligent. After making some minor changes, it can be connected to the production machine and used as a packaging production line.