What is Shisha Tobacco Leaf

This leaf is averagely five to six inches in height with a maximum of up to twenty leaves per plant. It is the basic source of nicotine in Shisha tobacco.

Shisha Tobacco Leaf
Shisha Tobacco Leaf

Best Tobacco Leaf for Shisha

Identification of the best tobacco leaf for shisha involves a comprehensive study on the different types, properties, tastes  and their effects.

Below is our in depth discussion;-

Virginia Blonde Leaf

This leaf is also known as the bright leaf tobacco.

The leaf undergoes a process of flue-curing to obtain its color and flavor sweetness. It contains low levels of nicotine content and it’s also light in strength.

Virginia Blonde Leaf
Virginia Blonde Leaf

Virginia blonde is highly absorbent with a great taste transfer properties, making it the best for shisha.

Oriental Tobacco Leaf

The leaf has a protective layer that ensures it retains its ‘natural sweetness. Usually, it has a great ability in the absorption of flavor additives.

Oriental Tobacco Leaf
Oriental Tobacco Leaf

Oriental tobacco leaf is less popular to people.

Burley Tobacco Leaf

The tobacco leaf has the highest content of nicotine. This shisha tobacco leaf does not contain a natural sweetness in taste, due to its low sugar content.

Burley Tobacco Leaf
Burley Tobacco Leaf

It has a high strength feature, making it more resistant to heat and usable for long sessions.

How to Choose Tobacco Leaf for Shisha

We have a variety of factors and features to consider when choosing shisha tobacco leaf for use in our sessions.

Below are some of the factors to take into account:-

Nicotine Concentration

We have shisha tobacco with varying nicotine strengths which suit different people with different nicotine tolerance.

This offers one a chance to go for shisha tobacco with either low or high contents.

Level of Individual Sensitivities

People are sensitive to some of the additives we add to our shisha tobacco such as the different flavorings we use.

We should try and work with options that are dietary friendly so as to ensure satisfactory.

The Rate of Heat Resistance

We have different flavors and brands of shisha tobacco that can sustain different level of heat without burning out.

Taking this into consideration gives us a chance to choose on brands that offer service to the different smoking sessions.

Moisture Levels

A good tobacco leaf should have an optimal level of moisture. That is, it should neither be too wet nor too dry.

An optimal moisture level offers high retention flavor levels as in comparison to dry tobacco which burns out easily.

Tobacco leaves with very high moisture levels require too much heating in order to produce smoke.

The Nature of Tobacco Cut

We have different smoking styles that suit our individual preferences, and we can obtain this in line to our shisha tobacco cuts.

These shisha tobacco cuts exist in fine, large and medium sizes. The different cuts have different level of heat distribution rates.

Flavor Profile

Tastes and preferences of different people vary as in consideration to the wide range of tobacco flavors in existence.

The additives exist in form of the fruit, flower or the mint flavor that we add to our mixture.

We should ensure the flavors suit our specifications.

Shisha Tobacco Brand

There is an existence of a large variety of tobacco brands in our markets.

We have the power to locate what fits our purpose in consideration to their flavor profiles, moisture levels and nicotine strength.

This gives an individual a chance to determine the quality preference.


Tobacco leaf is the ultimate basis of the shisha tobacco mixture, and the go to substance for everyone in shisha market.

This is also the main source of substance nicotine and a determinant for the taste we obtain in the shisha smoke.

Tobacco leaf consists of various types and specific features that we need to consider during most of its applications.

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