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Jochamp offers a powder packing machine supported with various features and functions. We can also offer an auger filling machine that uses to fill and pack various types of powders including flour, pepper, spice powder, baking soda, chemical powder, and other fine powders.

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Jochamp Washing Powder Packing Machine

The packing machine for washing powder is suitable for packing not only washing powder but also various types of powder such as soy milk powder, oatmeal powder, sugar, seasoning, flavoring, and other powders. This machine is widely used in the chemical industry, food industry, medicine industry, and other industries.

Jochamp packing machine for washing powder supports automatic bag making, filling, measuring, sealing, cutting, printing, counting, and conveying & sorting of finished products. With more than 15 years of rich manufacturing experience in packing machines, we have the capability of making unique and effective designs for various powdered products.

Washing Powder Packaging Display (3)

Washing Powder Packing Machine Process

Here is the process of packing washing powder:

    • Pre-batch of raw materials
    • Spray drying system (hot air system)
    • After-batch system (adding fragrance or enzyme)
    • Finish product packaging
    • Finish product

Jochamp Solution Advantages

With the Jochamp packing machine for washing powder, you will experience some advantages including:

    • High washing powder production
    • Highly efficient hot air system
    • Advanced production line automation
    • Advanced spray gun technology (double layer)
    • Flexible and specific formula adaptability
Jochamp – Your Leading Powder Packing Machine Provider

“With Jochamp’s excellent production line, it helps you to have precise and effective production. We warmly welcome any custom designs for your specific application.”

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