Types of Shrink Wrap Sealers: What’s the Best Option for You?

Shrinkwrap material provides for wetness resistance, scratch security as well as assists secure your items from dirt and dust. It also guarantees that you have a solid protective wrap on your items. The global market of shrink wrapping is growing very fast. Estimates of an additional $415 million in development in 2025 suggest it’s not going anywhere for your business.


Wanting to strengthen your manufacturing with proper shrink wrap? You require to invest in a shrink wrapping machine. It can provide you with that much-needed side. If you intend on including one in your packaging terminal, which ones would certainly be best for your company? What are the different kinds of units you can make use of? Which one fits your needs? What kind of film should you utilize?

What is Shrink Wrap Sealer?

Shrinkwrap sealers are also called shrink wrappers and shrink wrapping machines. Shrinkwrap is a polymer plastic film that is used to tightly fit a product, using a heat source to shrink the wrap to a specific size of the product it covers. The heat source is generated by hand-held heat guns or through shrink tunnels. Some of the more common uses of shrink wrap include:

  • Safeguarding boxes
  • Unitizing tinned products as well as drinks
  • Providing additional item defense
  • Tamper evident sealing
  • Protecting huge pallet lots
  • Mix product packaging
  • Advertising product packaging and sampling

For larger applications, the handheld heat gun will not cut shrink-wrapped products. On the contrary, automated shrink wrapping machines need to shrink products in a fast and effective way.

Types Of Shrink Wrapper
Regardless of size or scale, most shrink wrapping operations use a heat sealer to seal the open ends of the shrink packaging material. Shrink packaging and sealing machines can have a variety of sizes and forms, depending on the needs of the production. Here are some common types of shrink wrapper:

  • I-Bar Shrink Wrap Sealers
  • L-Bar Shrink wrap Sealers
  • Intermittent Motion Shrink wrap Side Sealers
  • Continuous Motion Side Sealers

I-Bar Shrink Wrap Sealers

An I-Bar shrink wrap sealer is a shrink wrapper with a single sealing bar that seals the wrap to enclose the item. I-Bar shrink wrapping machines are often used in operations that feature a lower result, as they are not good at high speeds.

Applications of I-bar Shrink Wrapping Machine

I-Bar wrap sealers are developed for shrink film product packaging, but can also be made use of for securing poly bags as it works comparable to a hand sealer. Sealers usually include a rounded cable for cut and seal and also relying on the version of the device, film as much as 34 ″ large and also 0.025 mm (100 scales) density can be used. All sealers are of steel construction consisting of the job base for high quality as well as resilience. Extra features relying on the sealer version consist of a timer, warm weapon holder, film roller, film separator, and also cutter unit.

L-Bar Shrink Wrap Sealers

L-Bar shrink wrappers are a day-to-day staple of product packaging lines. They are utilized for shrink wrap packaging applications. As with various other shrink sealers, this equipment normally rests before a warm tunnel. They secure the item in reduce film prior to going into the warm passage for consistent shrinking.

Manual L-Bar Shrink Wrapper

Manual L-bar shrink sealers are a usual choice for shrink wrapping packaging applications. They are operated by human operators. Moreover, they are used to cut and seal the shrink wrap by grabbing the handle and pushing it down. This makes it at the same level as the packaged product. Then, heating elements seal and cut the film. From there, the package is moved to the hot aisle to shrink.

Semi-Automatic L-Bar Shrink Wrapping Machine

With Semi-automatic L-bar shrinks wrapping machine, the L-bar instantly seals the package. It does this after the operator places the product in shrink film. The jaws open, and the item vacates the seal location. The L-bar is controlled with a simple control panel that allows you to alter settings, such as heat.

Automatic L-Bar shrink Sealers
This kind of L-bar shrink sealer is entirely automated. It does not call for an operator. Other than, for turning the shrink wrapping machine on and beginning the tools’ control panel.

Applications of L-Bar Sealers

The L-Bar sealing machine is used to seal the shrink film made from the inner bag of your product. Next, the L-bar heat-sealed shrink film bag is closed. Then, your product enters the hot aisle through the conveyor belt. When the bag is exposed to the heat of the tunnel, the film around the product shrinks uniformly.

Products usually sealed with L-bar include agricultural products, electronic products, small consumer goods, tea boxes, and various other types of products.

Your shrink wrapper should be installed by a suitably trained technician. If you do, these shrink wrappers will help you pack your items in shrink film without problems. In other words, some common shrink film problems will appear due to improper use and materials.

The type of shrink film is case sensitive, it all depends on the type of shrink wrapping machine you use and the type of product you package. Please refer to your machinery documentation or talk to your packaging machinery technician for guidance.

Intermittent Movement Shrink Wrap Side Sealers
Intermittent shrink wrap side sealers are totally automated sealers. They are made use of for various shrink wrapping applications. Maybe you don’t have a high output rate (2000 packages per hour). However, you need a machine that can achieve professional-quality seals. If that holds true, Intermittent shrink wrapping machines are a good fit.

This type of shrink sealer is extremely vibrant. It is adjustable to package a broad option of products. They can package items of different shapes and sizes. They include industrial metal structures. Due to that, these sealers will certainly run silently and also without bothersome resonances. They are favored among packaging line operators.

We recommend Jochamp intermittent shrink wrapping machine, which features modern motion control. The traditional machine speed is from 10-40 packs/min, and our high-speed upgrade version can reach an astonishing 80-220 packs/min, which is a historic upgrade.

Applications of Intermittent Movement Sealers
The intermittent motion side sealing machine can be used with various products of different sizes. They run at low to medium speeds and are usually used to complete e-commerce orders. This type of sealing machine usually runs the same type of product as the L-Bar sealing machine.

However, they can usually also pack larger products than the L-Bar sealer. As for the exact size, these are case-sensitive, according to the make and model you choose.

Continuous Movement Side Sealers

Servo motor motion control with continuous motion side sealing function. Before you say “what the hell is this?” the servo motor is a rotating actuator. The actuator provides uninterrupted continuous movement. This makes the packaging smoother and fully automated.

You can precisely control your angle and straight-line position. The machine allows you to change the acceleration and speed of the packaging process. It features a motor with a sensor that allows feedback on the position of the device.

Compared with servo motor motion control, the continuous motion side sealing machine allows saving about 20%-30% of the film compared to a machine without a characteristic servo function.

Applications of Continual Movement Sealers
The continuous motion side shrink wrapping machine is an automatic machine. They allow companies to package large quantities of items in a shorter period of time. These sealers provide high-quality shrink-wrapped products, including candies, video game boxes, compact discs, DVDs, books, electronic products, and other consumer goods.

Factors to consider for choosing Shrink Wrapper
Before you choose a shrink wrapping machine, you should choose the right shrink film. PVC is used for daily necessities, and POF is an FDA-approved contact with consumables. Choose the mils you need, the higher the number, the stronger the film.

Besides, when choosing your machine for shrink wrapping, this is a crucial factor, several details.

First, you need to consider the number of products that need to be sealed. Smaller machines are a great choice for people who need to protect small to medium volume production. These are used to pack a small output from time to time.

The cost of many small-batch shrink wrapping machines is moderate, between 200-500 US dollars. A better quality shrink wrapper provides better automatic functions for faster packaging. This is the best choice for small e-commerce or online stores.

Another volume classification of shrink wrapper is fully automated equipment. This type of machine is for large-scale, high-volume production facilities. This will be useful for packaging lines with consistent dimensions.

These heavy-duty, high-volume packaging machines will cost between 30,000 and 40,000 US dollars. Depending on the type of packaging, up to 100 or more items can be shrunk in one hour.

There are only two main types of shrink wrapping machines on the market. This does not include the custom equipment that many major manufacturers add to their assembly lines. These are the I-Bar shrink packaging machine and the L-Bar sealing machine.

Considerations for choosing Shrink Wrapper
When it involves locating shrink wrap makers, there are different shrink wrappers for your needs. For smaller procedures, it’s finest to use semi-automatic shrink wrap machines like the I-bar and also L-bar. Pair it with a shrink wrap tunnel and also you should prepare to go.

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