Toy Packaging Machine Manufacturer in China

Jochamp is an experienced manufacturer of custom toy packaging machines. We can design the most suitable machine specifications to achieve your wanted toy packaging types.

  • Packs the toys with different materials
  • Automatically counts the packed toys
  • Large production capacity
  • Fully automated

JOCHAMP Toy Packaging Machine

The toy packaging machines are automated equipment packing various toys for business. They are equipped with conveyor belts, packaging cartons, and stock guides, setting gradually the packing toys. These machines also have a framework where toys are placed and passed through a conveyor belt with correct orders.

Jochamp provides custom packaging machines for toys with beneficial features, including functional bag former, touch screen components, bucket conveyor, etc. We manufacture specific models of packing machines, suitable for elastic toys, clockwork toys, music toys, electronic toys, etc.

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Custom Packaging for Toy Products

Jochamp offers a series of packaging machines to pack your toy products. Numerous packaging style options are noted below:

  • Cartons¬†
  • Stand-up Pouch
  • Film
  • Bags
  • Capsule
  • Case
  • Custom
Toy Packaging Machine
Toy Packaging Machine

Toy Packaging Machine Operation Process

The toy packaging machines perform the following processes.

  1. Pre-heating
  2. Vibration bowl manual heating
  3. Placing films
  4. Setting parameters
  5. Starting button
  6. Counting fiber-optics
  7. Bag making & packaging
  8. Conveying finished packed toys
  9. Weight inspection
Toy Packaging Machine Manufacturer
Your One-Stop Toy Packaging Machine Provider

Jochamp, the nationwide premier supplier of automatic packaging machines, presents our high-tech toy packaging machine with an absolute dedication to satisfying our valued customers for business-related arrangements. Trust our services now, and we will do the rest of the processes.

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