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JOCHAMP is a professional manufacturer of toffee wrapping machines and further automated machines. During the packaging process, our machines provide a high accuracy level.

  • Complete turnkey packaging lines efficiency
  • Designed to operate quickly and efficiently
  • Can pack toffee in varied colors and sizes
  • Custom-made machine to meet your needs
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Custom Toffee Wrapping Machine Supplier in China - Jochamp

Toffee wrapping machines are automated machines used for wrapping toffee products. These machines will cut and wrap up to 500 pieces of toffee each minute. It can generate and wrap cubes, oblongs, log-shaped, and square-shaped toffee depending on your choice. The machines will wrap the product in a double twist wrap form.

As an experienced and dedicated packaging machinery supplier, we are eager to work with our clients to launch an industry world with new intuitive wrapping functions. We have spent the last 15 years focusing on R&D and manufacturing of different packaging and wrapping machinery.

High Output Levels and Performance

Jochamp manufactures toffee wrapping machines out of quality food-grade metals like aluminum and stainless steel 304. Therefore, you can ensure its durability and sturdiness while also ensuring high performance. You can also be certain that these machines will significantly reduce labor costs.

Furthermore, our toffee wrapping machines can produce up to 120 pcs of toffee per minute. It is capable of packing toffee in different sizes of wrappers. Its fully automated feature allows for more efficient toffee wrapping and packaging lines.

Toffee Wrapping Machine Features

Toffee Wrapping Machine Features

Jochamp provides toffee wrapping machines with the following features, including:

  • Electronic inverter provides full speed control.
  • It has a photocell for print authorization.
  • The machine was built to the client’s specifications in terms of size and format.
  • Packaging Style: Twist wraps
  • 3kW of power is required.
  • 1440 x 1185 x 1810 Dimensions
  • 1300kg in weight
Jochamp – Professional Toffee Wrapping Machine Supplier
Jochamp – Professional Toffee Wrapping Machine Supplier

Jochamp is a trusted manufacturer of toffee wrapping machines. We are looking for long-term partners all over the world. We anticipate making progress and making headway with you in the areas of design, services, technology, and alternatives.

Toffee Wrapping Machine Guide

Before choosing your next toffee wrapping machine, read this guide. It will help you choose a suitable toffee wrapping machine for your production line.

Main Types Of Toffee Wrapping Machine

Toffee wrapping machines are available in different varieties based on the specific type of wrapping solution they offer.

High-speed automatic turntable sorting flow packaging machine for candy

toffee wraping machine

The notable variants available in the market often used in different toffee wrapping solutions include the following;

Twist Wrapping Machine

This is a type of toffee wrapping equipment designed to wrap this product by twisting and tightening both ends.

twist wrapping machine

twist wrapping machine

It offers a double twist at the time of enfolding the toffee, and this ensures the product is securely wrapped.

Bunch Wrapping Equipment

It is a toffee wrapper designed to cover the toffee but only twists a single knot on the product.

Unlike twist wrapping machines, the bunch wrapper only tightens one end of toffee and secures it accordingly.

bunch wrapping equipment

bunch wrapping equipment

Pillow Wrapping Machine

As the name suggests, this refers to a type of machine that wraps the entire toffee surface by enfolding it around without necessarily a twist.

pillow wrapping machine

It appears like a pillow cover.

Advantages Of Using Toffee Wrapping Machine

It offers a myriad of functional, efficient, and convenient benefits, such as the following;

a) Cost-Efficiency – High automation level of this machine enhances efficiency and reduces the need for human labor hence improving cost-effectiveness.

b) Increased Production Throughput – Automated features of this machine allow it to wrap several toffees within shortest time possible, allowing you to attain higher volume.

c) Improves Toffee Aesthetics – The overall appearance of final wrapped toffee product appeals to the buyers hence increasing turnover.

d) Quality Compliance – This wrapping equipment conforms to stipulated international quality standards, ensuring you meet the manufacturing requirements.

e) High Accuracy – It is highly accurate and offers an efficient chocolate wrapping process. The machine executes exactly what you set it to do.

f) User-Friendly – The control systems incorporated in this machine make it simple and easy for operators during the packaging process.

Parts Of Toffee Wrapping Equipment

A standard toffee wrapping machine consists of numerous parts integrated to form a single functional unit.

Even so, the main parts of this equipment you should always know include the following;

  • Multi-Head Weigher – This component auto-weighs and fills the toffees based on the predetermined weight.
  • Bucket Conveyor – It is the part that auto-feeds toffees into the wrapping machine from the production line into a multi-head weigher.
  • PLC Touchscreen – It displays different control parameters of the machine for easy monitoring and adjusting accordingly.
  • Roll Film Feeder – This component dispenses wrapping film into the equipment for subsequent toffee wrapping.
  • Packing Element – The role of this part is to auto-make and auto-fill the wrapping film paper as required.
  • Machine Frame – It provides a surface for attaching other parts and ensuring machine’s stability during operation.
  • Checkweigher – The design of this device is to auto-check the weight and reject faulty toffee pieces.
  • Sensors – They are modules that transmit signals to computer or electronic units of the machine to actuate the relevant response.
  • Motor Unit – It consists of numerous motors designed to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy to enable driving of the distribution unit.
  • Dancer’s Arm – This is a free-moving roller, which aligns itself depending on toffee film wrapping material.

parts of toffee wrapping machine

parts of toffee wrapping machine

How Toffee Wrapper Works

Mostly, the working principle of toffee wrapper depends on the specific type of machine you are using.

Even so, the basic functional process of this equipment involves several toffee pieces getting into the machine through the bucket conveyor.

Toffee pieces go through the multi-head weigher to ensure they weigh according to the predetermined weight.

From the multi-head weigher, toffee pieces move to the working platform for wrapping.

Toffee gets into the wrap film via compartment rotating chamber where machine awaits wrapping around the product.

This compartment compresses toffee in a single direction to enable the wrapping film from paper film feeder to wrap the product.

Upon wrapping, each toffee moves to the dispatch channel, where they are released for packaging.

How To Choose Toffee Wrapping Machine

It is vital to consider several elements when buying a toffee wrapping machine to ensure you attain the most suitable one for your needs.

Such aspects include the following;

  • The Initial Buying Price is based on your working budget.

Always evaluate your budget to enable you to pick the right toffee wrapper that suits you and is worth the money you are willing to spend.

  • Speed – Determine how fast the machine is and whether you can adjust the speed to suit your preference.
  • Power Rating – Different machines have varied power ratings based on several elements. Hence, you need to ensure one you pick is moderately rated regarding power consumption.
  • Usability – The different aspects of operating this machine should be easy to use, control, and adjust accordingly to ensure efficiency.
  • Safety Features – It should be integrated with different safety features designed to protect it, the operator, and the surrounding.
  • Size – Generally, this equipment is available in a compact size, but you can get a few that are reasonably sizeable.
  • Design Structure – It should have a simple design construction but with hardy and durable materials such as stainless steel frames and contact parts.
Determining Production Capacity Of Toffee Wrapping Machine

Several aspects influence the actual production capacity of a particular coffee wrapper.

But the main determining factors include the following;

Automation Level

You will always come around different toffee wrapping machines with varied automation levels depending on specific technical and functional features.

For instance, a fully automated toffee wrapper variant guarantees faster speeds hence higher production throughput than a semi-automatic option.

Type Of Toffee Wrapping Style

Various toffee wrapping solutions present different dynamics when it comes to toffee packaging.

Bunch wrapping machines will likely give you more throughput than pillow toffee wrapping machines.

Toffee Size

Toffee pieces are usually manufactured in different sizes, and the larger ones tend to be quite slow to wrap compared to the smaller ones.

Power Rating

The actual machine voltage determines the exact toffee wrapping capacity you can attain within a specific period.

Working with a machine with a higher power rating gives you several pieces than one with a lower power rating.


A properly maintained toffee wrapping machine is more efficient and reliable than a poorly maintained one.

Hence, the former will likely increase production volume since it rarely experiences unnecessary interruptions.

Toffee Wrapping Ideas

Several elements revolve around toffee wrapping, but some vital ideas you need to know about it include the following;

  • Always ensure you are using a wrapping film that contains a loose-fill cushioning protective layer.

It reduces heat transfer which can melt the toffee once wrapped.

  • Freezer paper, wax paper, and baking paper are suitable materials for wrapping toffees. They resist toffee from stick to their surfaces.
  • Using branded wrapping films is advisable since it makes it easy for the end users to identify with your product easily.
Wrapping Techniques Of Toffee Wrapping Equipment

The common toffee wrapping machines available offer four major wrapping styles as follows;

  • Pillow Wrap – This toffee wrapping method entails enfolding the entire toffee surface and wrapping it to form a pillow-like cover.
  • Four-Side Seal Wrap – It is a technique that involves sealing toffee pieces in square wrapping film from all its sides. Toffee is wrapped and sealed using heat or adhesive.
  • Single Twist Wrap – This toffee wrapping method entails covering the entire surface and sealing one point by twisting the wrapping film tightly.
  • Double Twist Wrap – It involves enclosing the entire surface and twisting the two ends of a toffee wrapping film tightly.
Wrapping Materials Used In Toffee Wrapper

Different toffee wrapping machines usually use various wrapping materials.

Even so, a wide range of factors often determines the most suitable wrapping material to use on your toffee products.

For instance, the end-user preference or the anticipated shelf-life are among the key determinants of the ideal toffee wrapping material.

Nonetheless, here are the common wrapping materials you can always use in toffee wrapper;

Polyethylene Terephthalate

It is usually known as PETE or PET, and it is a thermoplastic resin with good properties, including ductility, strength, and hardness.

This material hardly loses its shape; hence suitable to use in a toffee wrapping machine.

Polyvinyl Chloride

Often known as PVC, it refers to a synthetic plastic polymer with high impact, lower temperature resistance, and tensile strength.

Aluminum Foil

It is aluminum prepared in thin metal leaves of less than 0.2mm and thinner gauges of up to 6 micrometers.

This material is ideal for toffee wrapping since it is ductile, malleable, rigid, and tends to be quite attractive.

Oriented Polypropylene

It is a flexible packaging plastic material with a shiny, perfectly clear, or colored surface, which is non-stretchy.

This material has a complex-layered thermoplastic film that meets the required toffee wrapping conditions.

Cast Unoriented Polypropylene

It is a low-cost and low-density but the high-performance thermoplastic film, usually transparent in natural form.

This toffee wrapping material hence provides better optical clarity and excellent strength for wrapping this product.

Integrating Candy Making Machines With Toffee Wrapping Machine

The design structure of toffee wrapping equipment allows you to integrate it with a wide range of candy-making machines easily.

It is important to ensure the settings of this equipment are properly configured to complement the requirements of the particular candies you are producing.

Ideally, different candy-making machines are designed differently, thus requires specific settings to guarantee efficiency.

Some common candy-making machines you can easily integrate with toffee wrapping machine include the following;

  • Soft candy maker
  • Cookie capper machine
  • Hard candy maker
  • Chewing gum-making equipment
  • Lollipop making machine
  • Marshmallow making machine
Maintenance Process Of Toffee Wrapping Machine

The design construction of this equipment is relatively straightforward, making its maintenance process quite easy.

Usually, the notable maintenance interventions to carry out on this equipment are categorized as follows;

Breakdown Maintenance Process

This is a common maintenance process usually done on a toffee wrapping machine when it encounters a major downtime.

Even so, the structural design of this specific machine makes it difficult to experience a type of downtime that may require routine breakdown maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance Process

It primarily involves carrying out the frequent maintenance needs of this machine to prevent common machine failures.

Some aspects of this maintenance process include changing parts, lubricating moving parts, and diagnosing the machine.

The objective of preventive maintenance is merely to determine and figure out the minor issues before they convert to major concerns.

Corrective Maintenance Process

How To Troubleshoot Toffee Wrapping Machine

Usually, the specific type of troubleshooting mechanism on this machine depends on the nature of the problem encountered.

The common problems of this machine and how to troubleshoot them include the following;

Failure Of Wrapping Film To Unwind

It is usually caused by a dirty forming component or incorrect forming tube alignment.

To troubleshoot this issue, you need to thoroughly and adequately clean the forming component and correctly align the forming tubes.

Creasing Wrapping Film

It normally arises from various issues such as improper forming collar adjustment, incorrect changing of roller configuration, contaminated film path, and barrier on forming collar.

Some ways of solving this error include; adjusting forming collar correctly, cleaning the film path, replacing or repairing forming collar, and removing barriers to forming collar.

Inaccurate Tracking Of Wrapping Material

The major causes of this error include loose spindle, film roll incorrectly aligning itself to spindle, and improper placement of film roll to the carriage.

Common techniques for solving this issue include ensuring the wrap film contains right threading and aligning the spindle and roll film properly.

Inconsistent Bag Lengths

It usually arises due to several reasons such as dirty film feeding unit, the threading film gradually becoming inaccurate adjustment of film belt tension.

To solve this issue, ensure the film feeding unit is always clean, use the right film thread and adjust the film tension correctly.

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