Tobacco Pouch Packing Machine Manufacturer

Jochamp is a professional manufacturer of tobacco pouch packing machines for tobacco products. We can provide the best range of automatic packing machines with effective and timely delivery.

  • Compact structure
  • Well-built machines
  • Fast and easy settings
  • On-time delivery
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Jochamp Tobacco Pouch Packing Machine

The tobacco pouch packing machine integrates bagging, weighing, filling, sealing, punching, counting, and printing in one. This machine is designed to accommodate multiple pouches sizes to match specific customers’ needs. Its flexibility allows the operator to change from side gusset pouches to wrap-around pouches. Moreover, the tobacco pouch packing machine allows for to exchange of the specifications of product modules and change pouch size within a limited time.

At Jochamp, we manufacture tobacco pouch packing machines that meet the highest standards when it comes to quality outputs. We are a leading manufacturer of automatic and semi-automatic pouch packing machines for tobacco. These machines are manufactured from world-class operating systems and components.

Tobacco Pouch Packing Machine Application

Jochamp provides a high-speed tobacco pouch packing machine that is suitable to package the following:

  • E-Liquid and Vape Juice
  • Tobacco Products
  • Long-Fine Cut Tobacco
  • Fine Cut Tobacco
  • Chewing Tobacco
  • Tobacco Product Weighing
  • Tobacco Filling
Tobacco Pouch Packing Machine Application
Different Packaging Types and Materials

Different Packaging Types and Materials

Bag Types:

  • Stand-Up Pouch Packaging
  • Zipper Bag Packaging
  • Doypack Ziplock Bag


  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Other heat sealable laminated films
Tobacco Pouch Packing Machine
Trsuted Tobacco Pouch Packing Machine Supplier

We are a professional supplier of tobacco pouch packing machine that has superior design, high productivity, high speed, and high performance. Jochamp provides factory-direct prices, after-sale supports, and a one-year warranty.

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