Tissue Paper Packing Machine – The Ultimate Guide

Tissue Paper Packing Machine – The Ultimate Guide

You must be clear on the type of tissue paper packing machine you want. Whether you want high capacity, fully automatic or multi-function machine – you will find all inform right here.

What is Tissue Paper Packing?

Tissue paper packaging involves measuring, rolling, cutting and inserting tissue paper in the appropriate packaging.

As a result, you need a machine that performs all these functions – as tissue packing machine.

Tissue Paper Packing Machine
Tissue Paper Packing Machine

Types Of Tissue Paper Packing Machine

Machines for packing tissue paper rolls come in varying designs and configurations.

However, for the scope of this section, we will look at the common options such as:

Multiple Roll Tissue Paper Packing Machine

These machines are perfect for high capacity production. They can package 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 tissue paper rolls in on bag.

In most cases, multiple roll tissue paper packaging machine are fully automated. They use robotic mechanism to package tissue in appropriate bags.

Multiple Roll Tissue Paper Packing Machine
Multiple Roll Tissue Paper Packing Machine

Single Roll Tissue Paper Packaging

You can choose fully automatic or semi-automatic tissue roll packing machine. As the name hints, they roll and wrap tissue paper as single rolls.

Single Roll Tissue Packaging Machine
Single Roll Tissue Packaging Machine

Facial Tissue Paper Packaging Machine

Remember, most facial tissue do not come in rolls.

In most cases, they come compacted together such that, you can only remove one at a time.

Facial Tissue Paper Packaging Machine
Facial Tissue Paper Packaging Machine

Wet Tissue Paper Packing Machine

The wet tissue paper machine is similar to facial tissue paper packing machine. Again, most of the wet tissue are not available in rolls.

Their packaging consist include:

  • Laminated packaging foil
  • Lid or cap – you will remove the wet tissue

Although the wet tissue paper packing machine working principle may vary, the guiding principle still remains the same:

  1. Cutting tissue paper to suitable length
  2. Rolling or compacting tissue paper
  3. Packing tissue paper in suitable box/film
  4. Sealing the packaging
Wet Tissue Paper Packing Machine
Wet Tissue Paper Packing Machine

Factors to Consider Before Buying Tissue Paper Packing Machine

For you production needs, tissue paper packaging machine specification is an important aspects you cannot ignore. This is because it impacts the production capacity of your machine.

Some of the main specifications you should consider include:

Tissue Paper Packing Speed

Manufactures rate these machines based on rolls or bags per minute. With fully automatic machines, expect higher speeds.

Dimension of Tissue Paper Cutter/Packing System

It determines the individual tissue paper length, width and thickness. Remember, these machines roll tissue paper to specific length and width before cutting.

Power Consumption

It specifies the power your machine uses to packaging tissue papers.

Type of Application

How you plan to package tissue paper determines the type of machine you should buy. You want single roll tissue, multiple roll tissue, wet wipes tissue or facial tissue.

Remember, each machine has unique configuration for your packaging requirements.

Ease of Operation

Choosing tissue packing machine which is easy to operate will increase productivity.

A machine with easier changeover, modular design, fully integrated HMI and PLC control system is easier to operate.

Remember, the ease of operating the machine should also go hand in hand with maintenance. It should be a machine that you can troubleshoot easily.

Packaging Mechanism

Packaging Mechanism

How you package tissue is also critical. You can package tissue in boxes, or wrap using cellophane.

Again, this should go hand in hand with the sealing mechanism. In most cases, you can choose glue sealing/adhesive or heat sealing mechanism.

Toilet Roll Paper Packing Machine Efficient

There are many aspects determining machine efficiency such as:

  • Packaging speed
  • Reduced wastages
  • Reduced man power
  • Low power consumption
  • Fault diagnosis system

Ease of Integration in Production Line

Choose a machine you can easily integrate with the existing production line. For instance, you can integrate with paper cutter or cartoning machine.

This way, you will experience seamless packaging solution.

How Tissue Paper Packer Works

How tissue paper packing machine works will depend on the design and configuration of the machine.

Since there are many machines available in the market, it is virtually impossible to discuss each here. However, this section give you an overview on how you can package tissue papers.

Step 1: Know the Tissue Paper Rolls Packing Machine Functionality

Knowing the tissue packing machine capability will help you during the configuration process. Some of these functionalities may include:

  • Automatic feeding, cutting and packing system
  • Multi-functions such as cutting tissue, embossing tissue paper, folding tissue paper, counting tissue paper and sealing tissue paper packaging

With this information, you can configure tissue packaging machine to suitable production specifications.

Step 2: Feeding Tissue in Machine

The machine will automatically feed the tissue to suitable length before moving it to the tissue packaging station.

The wrapping film will then cover the tissue roll. The machine will seal the top and bottom sections. Remember, the two systems are fully integrated such as the tissue rolls size triggers the film wrapping system.

Step 3: Packing Tissue Rolls in Boxes or Bags

Next the machine automatically move the tissue rolls into packaging boxes or bags. Once the bags or boxes are full, it automatically seals the bags and boxes.

In short, the entire process involves:

  1. Feeding tissue paper
  2. Feeding wrapping material
  3. Machines rolls, folds, or cuts tissue
  4. Machine moves tissue to packaging station
  5. In packing station, it wraps the tissue or feeds in the box

To understand how you specific machine you are about to buy works, read the user manual.


Tissue paper packing machine plays an integral role in modern packaging. With an appropriate machine, you can optimize all your tissue packaging solutions.

At Jochamp, we design and manufacture the best machine for packing tissue papers – contact us now for all your packaging machines.

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