JOCHAMP Syringe Packing Machine

Jochamp is a leading source and manufacturer of syringe packaging machines for use in medications and clinical purposes. The machine delivers a better speed, accuracy, dependable performance, and long service life.

  • Simple to use during the manufacturing process
  • Fully equipped advanced technology system
  • Capable of packing up to 80 products
  • Operator-friendly

Custom Syringe Packing Machine

Syringe packing machines are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in nursing homes and hospitals. Using the machine, syringes can be colored or clear, nongraduated or graduated, according to where the syringes are to be used. The syringe packing machines can use plastic film, silicone, or any material to pack syringe products.

For many years, we have always guaranteed that the machines we manufacture, including syringe packing machines, are made from high-quality raw materials. We offer OEM and ODM manufacturing services. In addition, we can provide a 7/24 hour fast response to provide you with quality and the best machine to meet your needs. Please contact us right away!

Features of Syringe Packing Machine

  • Meets the requirements of EN1422 Standards.
  • Inner container volume: 1,3,6,10,15,20,30,100 CBM
  • Computer-controlled entire process (two-level control): industrial computer+SIEMENS PLC
  • Automatic door opening and closing (shifting type), and automatic air-inflation sealing
  • Automatic management of the entire sterilization process;
  • Automatic alarming and safety safeguards.
Syringe Packing Machine Applications

Syringe Packing Machine Applications

The syringe packing machines are used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Excellent choice for producing disposable syringe
  • Produce syringe products in any size: 1ml-60ml.
  • Used in clinical and lab experiments
  • Industrial applications
  • Reduces labor costs
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Our team guarantees that our customers receive high-performance, high-speed, and simple-to-use sugar packing machine. These machines are ideal for packaging sugar in the most hygienic manner. To meet your needs, we offer online support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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