JOCHAMP Sugar Packing Machine

Jochamp offers energy-efficient sugar packing machines that reduce labor expenses. The machines are designed with numerous features to provide rapid, smooth speed, greater accuracy, and stable operation.

  • Made of food-grade stainless steel
  • Compact structure
  • Free sample test provided
  • 100% Quality Guaranteed

Custom Sugar Packing Machine

Sugar packing machine is designed to pack sugar products into sachets, sticks, plastic bags, and more packaging materials. The machine uses packaging material that is impenetrable to water vapor, therefore can give protection against contamination. However, these machines also adopt automated packing device that allows more stable performance.

In China, Jochamp is able to offer sugar packing machines using first-class stainless steel components. We also gain from our rich experience over the years and professional engineering team. We also make sure our machines are completely tested before they leave our factory. If you are part of the sugar industry and you need sugar packing machines, then choose us to be your supplier. You are sure in good hands!

Functions of Sugar Packing Machine

Jochamp designed sugar packing machines that can automatically finish a series of operations – that include bag making, stick packing, sachet packing, pouch packing, filling, measuring, sealing, counting, code printing, and uniform bag cutting.

The machine’s control system is also of worldwide first-class quality, allowing it to satisfy the various packaging requirements of customers. The packaging process is clear when the human-machine interface is displayed. Its detection feature can also identify the running task quickly, detect irregular operation in the process in real-time, and decrease product damage during the process.

Automatic, High-Accuracy Sugar Packing Machine

Our sugar packing machine is highly accurate. The machine’s precision and versatility allow it to pack not only sugar but also a variety of products, such as salt, granules, lentils, and so on.

Jochamp sugar packing machine is widely used in a variety of industries, most popularly in the sugar industry and manufacturing plants. Based on the features of your product, our highly experienced R&D team can create customized packaging solutions.

Professional Sugar Packing Machine Supplier in China

Our team guarantees that our customers receive high-performance, high-speed, and simple-to-use sugar packing machine. These machines are ideal for packaging sugar in the most hygienic manner. To meet your needs, we offer online support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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