Strawberry Packing Machine Manufacturer in China

JOCHAMP skillfully manufactures strawberry packing machines with advantageous features. We made them with durable structures, providing high efficiency and packing speed. 

  • Packed strawberries with accuracy
  • Hygienic and clean packing procedure
  • Customizable specifications
  • Convenient to use

JOCHAMP Strawberry Packing Machine

The strawberry packing machines have various components, including automatic weighing, sealing, and filling systems. They are available in different designs, including vertical and horizontal. These machines packed strawberries with a pillow, punching, conjoint, blister, or customized packaging. 

In Jochamp, you can guarantee well-manufactured packing machines. We ensure that all our offered equipment has passed CE, SGS, ISO9001, and cGMP standards. The strawberry packing machine performs complete packaging processes, including labeling and date coding.

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Strawberry Packing Machine Features

Jochamp designed strawberry packing machines with advantageous features, which include the following:

    • Adjustable bag length setting
    • Easy to operate interface features
    • Self-failure identification and display
    • High-sensitive hue tracing that provides extra accuracy.
    • Accommodates various packaging materials
    • Designed without sticking a knife
    • Reduces wasted films or materials
    • A convenient driving system, stable working, and low maintenance
    • Software controls and easy technical upgrades
Strawberry Packing Machine
Strawberry Packing Machine

Main Functional Components

To achieve efficient and smooth strawberry packaging, we design machines with complete functional components, including:

  • Machine Control System
  • Film Holder & Date Printer
  • Replaceable Bag Making
  • Heat Sealing Component
  • Bag Heat Cutting System

However, various accessories are available to enhance speed and packaging efficiency. Different machine types come with specific components. Tell us your preference!

Strawberry Packing Machine Supplier
Your Reliable Strawberry Packing Machine Supplier

JOCHAMP supplies various strawberry packing machines worldwide. Many industries trust our assistance and high-quality equipment. You can guarantee a cost-effective and quick return on machine investment from us!

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