Soap Wrapping Machine Manufacturer in China

With more than 15 years of experience, JOCHAMP offers soap wrapping machine solutions for a range of industries. Our whole line of soap wrapping machines is completely automated and protected by multiple patents. We are renowned for our top-notch products, customized services, affordable prices, and prompt delivery.

  • Keeps soap clean
  • Durable construction
  • Tear strip available
  • Easy to use

JOCHAMP Soap Wrapping Machine

The soap wrapping machine is capable of fully automating the packaging of a variety of soaps, including laundry soap, hotel soap, sulfur soap, and other soap goods. A soap wrapping machine has a production rate of 100 to 500 wrapped soaps per minute. Stainless steel was used to construct the soap wrapping machine. The product is in touch with every component, which is constructed of 304 stainless steel.

After packaging the soap, the soap wrapping machine has to utilize a coding machine. It can finish coding and printing information about products, manufacturing dates, etc. You have a choice based on your requirements. Contact us now.

The Benefits of Using a Soap Wrapping Machine

Reduce labor costs: The soap wrapping machine has a high productivity level and can quickly increase output rates. It may efficiently replace labor and significantly lighten the burden on employees.

Boost hygiene and safety: The packing of soap may be finished automatically by the soap wrapping machine. During the packaging process, it can minimize interaction with humans and air. 

High-performance packaging: Packaging effectiveness can be increased by using a soap wrapping machine. A soap packaging machine is necessary for small soaps that want to expand production.

The Benefits of Using a Soap Wrapping Machine

JOCHAMP Soap Wrapping Machine Features

The soap wrapping machine has an easy-to-use drive mechanism, consistent performance, and simple maintenance. Below are some features listed:

  • The interface allows for quick and simple setup and operation.
  • Self-diagnosis failure and explicit failure show
  • High-sensitivity photoelectric eyes that can trace color, with numerical input of the cutting and sealing positions for further precision.
  • For packaging various materials, temperature-independent PID control is preferable.
Expert Soap Wrapping Machine Supplier in China

A comprehensive, high-quality soap wrapping machine may be delivered by JOCHAMP. For various sectors, we specialize in designing, producing, selling, researching, and building soap wrapping machines. Send your inquiry now.

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