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Jochamp provides soap packaging machines that operate efficiently and at high speed. They are perfect for different types of soaps and soap sizes.

  • Provides hygienic soap package
  • Experienced manufacturer for over 15 years
  • Customizable machines to your needs
  • Comes with a year of quality assurance
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Custom Soap Packaging Machine

Soap packaging machine is used to package oval, circular, and rectangular soap bars. They can wrap/package soaps with or without side band, using inner stiffener and outlet paper. The packing materials such as poly packs or plastic wrapping are long-lasting, which affects the bandless and oval soap bars.

Jochamp offers various types of soap packaging machines that have a compact design, a PLC control system, and intelligent packaging material detection. These packaging/wrapping machines comply with the cGMP, SGS, ISO9001, and CE standards. We can also customize them to your exact specifications.

Soap Packaging Machine Features

Easy Operation
Easy Operation

Our soap packaging machines are simple to use and entirely controlled. The PLC control system allows for easy control.

Tight Sealing
Tight Sealing

Soap bars can be safely and securely sealed using these machines.  For that reason, the entire transportation is guaranteed safe.

Size Adjustability
Size Adjustability

In order to get the perfect soap packaging, the size of wrapping materials can be adjusted based on the different applications.


To ensure the hygiene of soap bars, the product contact surface of the machines is made of rust-free 304 stainless steel.

Soap Packaging Machine for Business

The soap packaging equipment is inexpensive but offers profitable sales. Jochamp has been producing these machines for more than 17 years. Our staff can provide you with free advice in writing a business strategy.

From selecting the appropriate machine to carrying out the subsequent procedures, our organization can offer all the essential information. After you order the equipment, we also provide maintenance and operating technique services.

Packing Materials

The soap bars can be packaged or wrapped in different options.

  • Plastic wrapping – It is a colored or clear plastic wrap with logos printed over the top for soap bars.
  • Poly packs – Different sizes of poly packs are available for soap bars packaging. It is often used in the soap and detergent industry.
  • Flexible pouches
  • Shrink film

Jochamp – Leading Soap Packaging Machine Manufacturer

For more than 15 years, Jochamp has been a reputable supplier of automatic soap packaging machines. Our machines for packaging or wrapping soap bars feature cutting-edge ultrasonic sealing and cutting technology for attractive sealing. It is constructed with components that adhere to GMP guidelines.

For custom requests, directly contact us!

Machine Features

Jochamp produces soap packaging machines with standard features, such as:

  • Steady running performance
  • Attractive wrapping/packaging effect
  • Easy operation
  • Simple to change mould
  • Packed to different box sizes
  • Widely used in the soap & detergent industry
Soap Packaging Machine for Soap Industry

Jochamp has been engaged in manufacturing soap packaging machines. Different types of soap you can pack include:

  • Glycerine soap
  • Transparent soap
  • Liquid soap
  • Guest soap
  • Novelty soap
  • Hotel soap
  • Medicated soap
  • Laundry soap

Why Choose Jochamp As Your Supplier

Rich Experience

For more than 15 years, Jochamp has concentrated on developing high-speed and high-performance packing machines for soap bars. These soap packaging machines are of the highest quality and safety. All types are available at Jochamp at cost-effective prices worldwide.

Fully Certified

Jochamp is an ISO-certified manufacturer and has obtained certifications such as:

  • SGS
  • CE
  • ISO9001
  • cGMP
After-Sales Service

We provide a one-year quality warranty with each of our soap packaging equipment. Our knowledgeable after-sales support team is available to assist you with the setup, upkeep, or use of the soap packaging machines.

Increase Productivity with Jochamp Soap Packaging Machine!

At Jochamp, we offer a variety of affordable soap packaging machines! Regular after-sales support, free sample packing testing, customization services, and quick delivery are all things we offer.

  • Being able to work with Jochamp is such a joy. Both their products and the soap packaging machines are of the highest caliber. Additionally, they are high-speed and user-friendly packing devices for soap bars.  Thank you so much, Jochamp!


  • A great honor to work with you for our business! Your packaging equipment was precisely created for my needs. They have strong, high-quality constructions.

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