Soap Cartoning Machine Manufacturer

Jochamp manufactures soap cartoning machine that is available in different models. We are producing machines that will surely meet your packaging requirements. Our soap cartoning machine is modifiable and upgradeable.

  • Cost-effective machine
  • Highest production rate
  • Enhanced versatility
  • Complete palletizing control

Jochamp Soap Cartoning Equipment

Our soap cartoning machine can produce three types of closure. It can create reverse tuck closure, tuck-in closure, and closure using glue on the external part of the carton. Our soap cartoning machine can provide packaging using any type of heat sealable materials.

Jochamp soap cartoning machine is available in different types. We have a machine with continuous motion with a maximum speed that can reach up to 500 soap boxes per minute. Jochamp also has an alternate motion machine that can produce 180 soap boxes per minute.

Soap Cartoning Equipment Advantages

Jochamp soap cartoner can handle soaps of all shapes and sizes. The machines undergo several rigorous quality checks, ensuring maximum machine efficiency. They are produced following international standards. Thus, we utilize premium quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology.

  • Wrapping ranges 100-500 soaps per minute
  • Incorporate a high degree of automation
  • Able to package oval, rectangular, and round soaps
  • SUS304 stainless steel is utilized for product contact parts
  • Can be added by printing the word code flow number
  • Optional hot melt glue machine

Why Choose Jochamp Soap Cartoner for Your Production Needs

  • Time-Saving. Sealing and packing can be completed in seconds.
  • Easy to Use. It easily completes the task of soap cartoning and keeping objects safe.
  • Best Quality. The machine is ISO9001-certified, thus ensuring reliability and longevity.
  • Product Selection. Alternate motion and continuous motion are among the types of soap cartoner we offer. Each piece of equipment has its maximum packing speed.
  • Competitive Price. Jochamp offers competitive factory-direct rates for all machinery. No middle man.
  • Lifetime Support. We have 24/7 after-sale service to help you with any problems. Expert customers support staff will get in touch with you.
Soap Cartoner to Increase Your Soap Production Efficiency

Jochamp soap packaging machine can handle both small- and large-scale production. It can pack any soap into cases of various sizes and forms. These devices are customizable within specific parameters.

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