Soap Cartoning Machine – The Ultimate Guide

Soap Cartoning Machine – The Ultimate Guide

If you are in soap manufacturing business, you need an effective and reliable soap cartoning machine.

In this guide, you will find all information you are looking for about soap cartoner – from features, specification, parts to working principle.

What is Soap Cartoning Machine?

A soap cartoning machine also refer to the soap packaging machine. The main role is to pack the soap bars inside carton boxes.

Automatic Cartoning Machine

Step by Step Working Process of Soap Box/Cartoning Machine

Working mechanism of the soap cartoner involves multiple steps. Each step is as follows:

Soap Cartoning Machine Working Mechanism
Soap Cartoning Machine Working Mechanism

Box Opening

First of all, the machine takes the box or carton from the carton hopper or container. The container or hopper exist on the top of machine. It then forwards the soap carton to the carton opener.

Soap Insertion

Secondly the pushing device takes up the soap bar and push it inside the open box or carton. The soap moves on a conveyor belt lying perpendicular to the conveyor containing moving boxes.

Ear Folding and Bottom Page Folding

Later in the packaging line the folding of ears takes place. They exist on the sides of the soap carton. Next, there comes the folding of the bottom page. It also exists on the sides of the soap carton.


The glue sprayer then sprays the glue or adhesive on the folded bottom page. Moving on the belt conveyor, later the Top page folding takes place. The top page exists on the sides but above the bottom page. This method ensures proper sealing.

After the completion of the above steps, the cartoned soap then moves out from the soap cartoning machine.


Types of Soap Cartoner Machines

There are two main types of soap cartoners exist. These types include:

  • Horizontal Soap Cartoner
  • Vertical Soap Cartoner

Horizontal soap Cartoner

In horizontal soap cartoner the soap moves in the carton box horizontally. It can push the soap through any direction as per your requirement. These machines are primarily suitable for cartoning of soap, food, medicine products, automotive components etc.

Vertical Soap Cartoner

In this type of cartoner the soap enters into the packaging box in vertical direction. You can put in the soap material through any end. These machines are specifically beneficial when it comes to beverages, cosmetics, bottles etc.


Major Parts of Soap Cartoning Machine

Components of the soap cartoner varies from model to model and machine type. Although the common components that you can find in every machine are:

Product Conveyor

Its main function is to convey the product from one point to another point. Product mainly refer to the soap in this case.

Box Storage Slot/ Hopper

This section contains the box material or carton. It cartons until such a time you need them for use.

PLC Panel

Programmable logical control panel allow you to control each and every function of the entire soap cartoner. This make it possible through using touch screen.

Warning Light

It indicates the warning if something happening wrong with your soap cartoning machine. You can quickly switch off the machine if this happens.

Hot Melt Glue Machine

The main role of this component is to provide adhesive in hot form to seal the soap cartoner.

Pushing Device

It pushes the material into the box or carton.

Box Sealing Device

The function of this device is to seal or paste the glue evenly on open carton ends.

Finished Product Outlet

This part of the soap cartoner provides you with the final product.

Benefits of Soap Packaging Machine


A plethora of benefits you can get when you choose a soap packaging machine such as:

It offers unmatchable branding and advertising. You can put on the carton whatever you want to convey. For instance, what is inside, key benefits, materials used in manufacturing etc.

When the customer knows everything about the product they don’t hesitate in buying it. They head towards purchasing it. This will boost your sales.

You can strengthen your reputation in the market and sets yourself apart from your competitors. Only by using a soap cartoning machine.

Cartoning allows you to put anything you want on the soap box. Whether it is a logo, customized colors to make it noticeable, image, text etc.

You can enjoy a complete protection from contamination and weather elements to your soap.

Feature of Soap Carton Machine

Number of features add up to the value of your soap carton machine. Some features are here for your concern:

  • Up to date PLC Technology
  • Super-Efficient
  • Multi-Function Cartoning
  • Fully Automatic
  • Unmatched Reliability and Durability

Soap Cartoner Parts

Applications of Soap Packaging Cartoning Machine

The industries that widely make use of soap packaging machine for various purposes. Main purposes are listed below:

  1. Soap Packaging
  2. Toys Packaging
  3. Electronic Equipment’s Packaging
  4. Pharmaceuticals
  5. Hardware Industry
  6. Cosmetics Products Packaging
  7. Everyday necessities

Things to Consider When Buying Soap Cartoner

The following things need your consideration while making a purchase:

  • The number of soaps you can package with this machine in a minute
  • For what purpose you are purchasing this machine. If it can do the tasks you need.
  • The size of the machine and vicinity where you are going to place it
  • In case if there are any maintenance requirement you need to follow to upkeep the functioning
  • The cost of the machine that you are going to buy
  • What technology it makes use of and any additional costs


Getting familiarity with the soap cartoning machine is essential. Now you know everything regarding this device. You can make a clear decision before finalizing the purchase. In case if you need additional help, feel free to reach out. We offer round the clock assistance.

More Resources:

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