Single-Lane Stick Pack Machine Manufacturer in China

Jochamp is producing high-performance and energy-efficient single-lane stick pack machines that can pack, make bags, fill, seal, and cut at the same time. The single-lane machines are suitable for packing granulated free-flowing products and powdered products such as milk powder, coffee powder, etc.

  • More than 15 years of experience
  • Certified by CE, SGS, ISO, & cGMP
  • 1-year quality assurance
  • Excellent quality at competitive prices

Jochamp Single-Lane Stick Pack Machine

Single lane stick pack machine is an automated machine that can make bags, measure, fill, seal, cut, and count in one operation. It can also print dates, batch numbers, and other labels depending on the demand of customers. Also, it can make bags using various materials such as cellophane/polyethylene, paper/polyethylene, plated aluminum/polyethylene, BOPP/polyethylene, and nylon/polyethylene.

Moreover, the single-lane stick pack machines are widely used in many industries such as food, medical, commodity, and other industries. They are used for packing powder, granules, liquid, and cream products. Also, the products will be packed in a long and narrow packs.

Some of the features of single-lane stick pack machines are energy efficiency, automatic stop function, easy operation, food and drug safe, high corrosion resistance, high-speed production, low noise operation, and more.

Here at Jochamp, we offer many different models of single-lane stick pack machines. You can contact us if you have questions regarding our single-lane stick pack machines.

Single Lane Stick Pack Machine Advantages

High Corrosion Resistance
High Corrosion Resistance

The single-lane stick pack machines are made from corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel. Due to that, they are extremely resistant to corrosion.


The single-lane stick pack machines can pack, make bags, fill, seal, and cut in one operation. Therefore, you will only need fewer workers and your labor costs will be lower.


Jochamp single-lane stick pack machines are made from stainless steel. As a result, they are corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. They are safe for packing food and drug.


The single lane stick pack machines can save a lot of energy. Since they have low energy consumption, you will also save money on your energy costs.

Variety of Bag Types

  1. The single lane stick pack machines can make any types of bags such as:
    1. Stick bag
    2. Four side sealing sachets
    3. Three side sealing sachets
    4. Small pillow bag
    5. Linked bag
    6. Bag with easy tear notch
    7. Bag with hanging hole
    8. Middle sealing pillow bag
    9. Back sealed stick packs

    Moreover, the sealing pattern can be diamond, plain, or straight line depending on the customers’ requirements. The bags can also be added with holes.

Variety of Bag Types
coffee powder packing machine

Optional Parts & Devices

The single-lane stick pack machines can be added with optional parts and devices depending on the customers’ requirements. Some of the parts that can be added to the main machine are:

  • Date code printer
  • Hole punching device
  • Straight-line cutter with easy tear
  • Fix number bag cutting device

Also, some of the dosing devices that can be added include:

  • Volumetric cup filler – for granulated products
  • Auger screw filler – for powder products
  • Piston pump filler – for cream and liquid products
  • Electrical gear pump – for liquid products
  • Tablet counting filler – for tablets & capsules

Why Choose Jochamp Single Lane Stick Pack Machine

  1. Rich Experience – Jochamp has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing high-performance packaging machines.
  2. Quality Standard – All of our single-lane stick pack machines have passed the standards of ISO 9001, CE, cGMP, SGS, and other international quality standards.
  3. Excellent Services – Jochamp has lifetime after-sales service, 7×24 hours fast response service, customization services, and free sample test. We have more than 20 after-sales service teams than can guide you on how to install or maintain the stick pack machines.
  4. Meticulous Quality Control – Jochamp implements a strict quality inspection at each stage of the production process of the single-lane stick pack machines. We have performed quality inspections on the raw materials, assembly of the machines, and we also test them to ensure their performance and reliability.


4 Side Seal Packaging Machine Working Principle

Jochamp – Trusted Manufacturer of Single Lane Stick Pack Machine

All of the single lane stick pack machines from Jochamp are made from alumina, 304-grade stainless steel and their components have been surface treated with advanced technology. They have PTFE covering to increase their corrosion resistance and life span. Also, they are easy to clean and safe for contact with food and drug.

Moreover, the single lane stick pack machines are designed with advanced technology such as high-precision photocell sensor, auto film-aligning system, servo pouch-pulling system, powerful PLC intelligent control system, and other technology which makes them easier to operate. Also, they have ultra-high precision parts which makes them have a low noise operation.

All of our stick pack machines have certifications from CE, SGS, ISO9001, and cGMP. Therefore, you can rely on the quality, performance, and reliability of our machines. Moreover, they are covered by a 1-year warranty.

Jochamp is also capable of customizing the stick pack machines based on your requirements. You can send us your specifications and we will customize them for you!

Jochamp Single Lane Stick Pack Machine

The single-lane stick pack machines from Jochamp can be used for packing all types of products such as:

  • granulated free-flowing products such as crystal sugar
  • powdered products such as coffee powder, milk powder, soup powders, fruit juice powder, seasoning, and so on
  • liquids & pastes such as choco sticks, jelly sticks, jam sticks, tomato paste, etc.
  • cream products
  • shampoo
  • ketchup
  • honey
  • tablets & capsules
  • cosmetic products such as facial cream and others

The single-lane stick pack machines have a lot of features such as:

  • high-speed packing
  • safe for food & drug
  • high corrosion resistance
  • low noise operation
  • automatic stop function
  • energy-efficient
  • space-saving
  • empty stick detection & rejection
  • good pouch appearance
  • stable operation
  • accurate weight
  • overload protection

How Jochamp Can Boom Your Business

Maintenance and Service

If you are looking for a certain machine or a specific packaging duty for a comprehensive system, including packaging, input, output, dose, control, and bulk packing station, Jochamp is your ultimate choice. Together with our skilled in-house service technicians and engineers, we can help you throughout the manufacturing process professionally. We offer global localized installation, after-sales, and training support.

Jochamp is in partnership with certified raw material suppliers. Our suppliers offer consistent quality products such as electrical components, sheet metals, processed parts, etc. It allows us to deliver high-end construction packing machines that can operate for long hours.

Due to its reliable and consistent performance, you can guarantee to obtain efficient ROI in your packaging machine. These machines can be designed with a small footprint, saving space in your area, reducing the cost of renovations, or removing extra equipment.

Automatic Packaging Machine
Single Lane Stick Pack Machine Manufacturer in China

Jochamp offers the single lane stick pack machines at competitive prices. Our stick pack machines are food-grade, low noise, and high-speed. To meet your exact needs, we are also providing custom single lane stick pack machines. You can contact us for more information about our customization services.

  • “The quality of the single-lane stick pack machines is really amazing! We tested them and they have excellent performance. They are really high-speed, efficient, and easy to operate. Thank you so much Jochamp!”

  • “If you are looking for a supplier of high-performance single lane stick pack machines, I highly recommend Jochamp to you! They are really good at customization. The single-lane stick pack machines that I ordered from them look good and are high-quality. Most of all, they are customized in accordance with my requirements.”

  • “Thank you for the excellent services and high-speed single lane stick pack machines, Jochamp! You have timely delivery and fast response to my inquiries. I will definitely recommend you to others!”

Single Lane Stick Pack Machine: The Ultimate Guide

Choosing single lane stick pack machine can be an overwhelming task without the right information.

This guide explores everything you need to know about single lane stick pack machine such as filling mechanism, dosing system, parts to working principle.

If you want to learn more, read this guide.

What Is Single Lane Stick Pack Machine?

A stick pack machine is equipment that one can use in the packaging procedure of liquid, granular, and powdered products.

Some of the products made from the stick pack machine include Nescafe, salt, sugar, etc.

They are commonly used to fill and pack food products.

JCV-420L Linear Weigher Packing Machine with Z Lifter

single lane stick pack machine

Applications Of Single Lane Stick Pack Machine

A single-lane stick pack machine is very useful in the food industry.

For people who want the food products but in small quantities, the machine comes in handy.

The single-lane stick pack machine can pack salt, sugar, cocoa powder, ketchup, liquid chocolate, tea, coffee, milk powder, jelly, and many others.

The machine fills and packs the products that one can use in the day to day activities because of how convenient they are.

Features Of Single Lane Stick Pack Machine

There are several very distinct single-lane stick pack machines and all of them have different features depending on the manufacturer.

The list below is the most common features you can find on a single lane stick pack machine;

1. Automatic bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, printing lot number, and cutting easy tearing notches.

2. This machine can also be customized to pack ketchup sachets and sugar sachets.

3. PLC control system, touch screen with wide vision, and the production output and self-diagnostic machine;

error can be watched straight through the screen.

The screen can also switch or change the packaging parameters.

4. Cutting-edge but simple design that is simple to operate and maintain

5. Different kinds of bag types such as middle sealing pillow bang, stick bag, and so on.

6. If need be, continuous bag or bag across, simple cutting, and hole punching.

7. Appropriate for films such as paper/polyethylene, cellophane/polyethylene, plated aluminum/polyethylene, BOPP/polyethylene, and nylon/polyethylene.

Types Of Bags To Use With Single Lane Stick Pack Machine

There are certain types of bags one can use with a single-lane stick machine to achieve a perfect product.

The different bag types are for certain applications and specific products.

  • Bag with hanging hole
  • Middle sealing pillow bag
  • Stick bag
  • Linked bag
  • Four side sealing sachet
  • Three side sealing sachet
  • Small pillow bag
  • Bag with easy tear notch
Parts Of Single Lane Stick Pack Machine

The parts of a stick pack machine include;

  1. Stick pack machine filler
  2. Stick pack forming
  3. Vertical seal
  4. Cross seal
  5. Product filling into stick packs
  6. Knife cutting station
  7. Stick pack discharge
Single Lane Stick Pack Machine Working Principle

Stick pack machines work similarly to vertical form fill seal packaging machines.

A roll of film is reduced in size then a number of stick packs are created from it.

They are then put into the bags, and then secured upright at speeds of about eighty bags per minute per lane.

Below is a detailed working principle;

Step 1

Stick pack machines make use of a rolling stock which is a piece of sheet of film material wrapped around a core.

The film is desentangled from the film reel, which is located at the back of the equipment.

You can desentangle the film by moving the cross seal jaws, which are found at the front of the stick pack equipment.

Step 2

The film is put around a registration roller if the machine has a date-stamping device.

In relation to the horizontal seal, this is quite helpful when registering the position of the package’s date stamp.

There is a sensor, which detects eye marks and regulates the position of the horizontal seal in comparison to the film’s printing.

That is where the film is threaded over.

Step 3

The film is then passed through a series of nip rollers.

A steady tension is maintained and the dancer’s arm is retained in the right running position.

Even pressure is applied to the film by nip rollers.

When unwinding takes place, the roll goes through a dancer arm, which is a weighted pivot arm.

It is found at the back of the equipment, after it is unwound from the roll.

There is a set of rollers that are incorporated into the arm.

The arm rises and falls to maintain the film under tension as it transports.

An automatic film tracking sensor guarantees that the film does not roam sideways as it moves.

Step 4

The film is fed from the nip rollers into the cutting section known as the slitter assembly. Depending on the amount of lanes on the stick pack equipment the big roll of packaging film is reduced in size into strips.

Specific stick packs basis is made from these strips.

This step involves cutting disk knives.

Also, the cutting disk knives are not motorized and are responsible for completing this step.

The tensioned film is taken through the knives, which are in contact with a specially designed roller.

As it passes through this assembly, the film is cut making single stick packs.

Step 5

The cut film is passed through several forming tubes.

A stick pack structure with the two outer edges of the film overlapping one another is formed when the cut film reaches the shoulder of each forming tube, it is wrapped all over the tube.

To create a lap seal or a fin seal the forming tubes can be configured.

A lap seal overlaps the film’s two outer edges to form a flat seal, whereas just like a fin, a fin seal joins the insides of the film’s two outer edges to form a seal that sticks out.

Compared to a fin seal, a lap seal utilizes minimal material and is more pleasant to the eye.

Step 6

Several hot vertical sealer bars advance and connect with the vertical overlap on the film when the film comes to a stop.

The vertical seal bar creates the vertical seal by pushing against the forming tube.

Again, the packaged product is lowered to the middle of the forming tubes, filling every bag, while the sealing jaws are closed.

To accurately measure and release a certain amount of product, one can use a filling apparatus, such as a volumetric filler, liquid pump, or auger filler.

The products are then dropped into each stick.

Step 7

The knife blade proceeds forward and nicks the horizontal seal or cuts the bag just below the seal jaw after the product is dropped into each stick pack.

Stick packs are dropped into the out feed chute that has a flap that opens and closes at predetermined intervals, letting go of the bags onto an outfeed conveyor or directly into a receptacle.

The finished bags can be put into downstream machine such as check case packing, or carton packing.

Types Of Single Lane Stick Pack Machine

Powder stick pack machine

powder stick pack machine

powder stick pack machine

Liquid stick pack machine

liquid stick pack machine

liquid stick pack machine

Small granule stick pack machine

small granule stick pack machine

small granule stick pack machine

Single Lane Stick Pack Machine Vs Multilane Stick Packing Machine

The single lane and multilane stick packing machines are both very useful in the packing industry.

The products one can make from the machines are widely used mostly because they are small and can fit in small bags are they are quite affordable.

Both the single-lane stick pack machine and the multilane stick packing machine are simple to operate and do not need any prior knowledge to use them.

A single-lane stick pack machine is best suited for upcoming business or small-scale business since they are quite cheap and small in size.

A multilane stick packing machine on the other hand is quite expensive and may not be affordable to small-scale business people.

A multi-lane stick packing machine can help one save on operating costs since only one piece of equipment is used.

Compared to a single-lane stick pack machine where one might need several which add up on power costs and at the same time occupy a lot of space.

With a multilane stick packing machine one can achieve high production capacity which is not the case with a single lane stick pack machine.

A multilane stick packing machine is much more stable than a single-lane stick packing machine.

 multilane stick pack machine

multilane stick pack machine

It has a perfect packing effect.

When it comes to production outputs, a multilane stick pack machine has higher productivity compared to a single-lane stick pack machine.

Benefits Of Single Lane Stick Pack Machine

When packaging food products a piece of equipment known as a stick pack machine is used.

Here are the advantages of a single lane stick pack machine include;

  • They make products that one can easily pour into a cup or bottle since they are very narrow.
  • Single-lane stick pack machines are cost-effective and small in size.

This may be beneficial to people who have small-scale businesses.

  • Stick packs machines make stick packs that are useful for a variety of products, including sugar, salt, spices, ketchup, and water.
  • One of the greatest advantage of equipment that package stick packs over other types of food packaging machines is;

It makes products that are small in size and convenient.

  • A single-lane stick pack machine makes products that conveniently hold one serving.

It is small enough to fit in anything one is caring around, even a pocket.

  • Stick packs provide consumers with greater easiness in terms of how the package can be opened easily.

Also it offers just the perfect quantity of product inside each stick.

The product’s freshness is assured.

  • Single lane stick pack machines are quite easy to operate hence will not give the user trouble when using them.
Filling Technologies In Single Lane Stick Pack Machine

Liquid Filling – The liquid filling technique incorporates sensitive pumps that fill all types of liquids and products with a gel consistency into the preferred bundles at the needed weight.

Olive oil, honey, lemon sauce,  Disposable, ketchup, vinegar, mayonnaise, salad dressings, Sunflower Oil, Corn Oil, marmalades, Hazelnut Oil, cream sauces, jams, among many others.

Volumetric Filling – The filling system can handle products that flow freely. As in the salt packaging.

Other products such as sugar, sweeteners and spices use this type of filling system.

Auger Dosing Screw Filling – This filling scheme is appropriate for non-free-flowing products.

The filling of non-free-flowing products is accomplished through the spinning of stainless steel screws.

The screws are rotated by servo motors. The number of rotations required determines the weight of each packet.

Products that are in powder forms, and all the coffee kinds use this filling technique.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Single Lane Stick Pack Machine

When looking to purchase anything there are certain factors one has to consider.

Before purchasing anything, one should look into details to ensure they get the right product.

  • Before buying a single-lane stick machine, you have to consider how many lanes are needed.

Depending on the sales volume you should choose a machine that will give you the ultimate volume because it is likely you will use it for a long time.

  • A single-lane stick pack machine is used to fill and package products.

Knowing the details of the products and what is required beforehand will help you choose the right machine.

  • The single-lane stick pack machines come in very many different designs, types and prices.

There are also very many manufacturers. You should do your research well and make sure you get the best quality at the right price.

  • Make sure you order from a reliable manufacturer so that once ordered the machine will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

If the delivery takes time one might lose customers and also may incur unnecessary charges.

  • Make sure that the machine you are choosing is from a supplier or a manufacturer that is well trusted.

Getting a machine that works perfectly is very advantageous since it will work well and you will get maximum profit from it.

  • Stick pack machines have so many different features and you need to know them before choosing one.

For example, some allow one to print their stick packs while some don’t. You should pick the one that will go with your demand market.

  • When using any machine it is very likely to come across faults or defects during the production process.

When choosing a single-lane stick pack machine, choose one that can detect the faults and put them aside.

  • Choose and pick a machine that is not complicated and is quite easy to run.

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