Factors Determining Shrink Wrap Film Cost

We receive several inquiries about shrink wrap film cost every day. However, quoting the exact price depend on many variables such as material quality, thickness and other custom options.

Let’s explore some of these factors that determine the shrink wrap film prices:

What is Shrink Wrap Filing?

A shrink wrap film is a unique plastic film with the ability to shrink tightly around a product when subjected to heat.

This provides a safe and secure covering. You will find these films being used in different industries.

Shrink Wrap Film
Shrink Wrap Film

Estimated Shrink Wrap Film Cost per Kg

The estimated shrink wrap film cost per kg depend on several factors like type of material (polyolefin, PVC, polyethylene), its thickness, quality, as well as supplier.

Below is a breakdown:

  • Polyolefin shrink wrap films are currently estimated around $3 to $6 for every kilogram.
  • PVC shrink wrap films are also estimated presently around $2 to $4 per kilogram.
  • Polyethylene shrink wrap films are ideally prices from $1.5 to $3 per kilogram.

These prices listed above for the different materials are not stagnant. There are so many ways they can be altered or changed on the market.

Variables Determining Shrink Wrap Film Price

Packaging Using Shrink Wrap Film
Packaging Using Shrink Wrap Film

Here are some variables that determine the different shrink wrap film prices you find out there. Below are these variables:

Type of Material

When it comes to shrink wrap film, there are two common materials:

  • Polyvinyl chloride or PVC – This material is mostly cheaper. However, it is not very durable.
  • Polyethylene – Mostly used for items that are heavier. It can be quite cheap when purchased in bulk.

Thickness (Microns or Gauge)

  • When films are thicker, they cost a lot more. This is due to more material used to make it.
  • The thickness mostly ranges from 180 to 400 gauge or 180 to 100 microns.

Weight and Size

Rolls that are higher in quantity or larger mostly cut down shrink wrap film cost per kg.

Quality and Efficiency

With films that are of the highest quality and the best shrink features, clearness, and resistant to puncture, higher prices should be expected.

Cost of Production and Manufacturing

Prices linked to raw materials, energy, and labor where production is concerned also affects its estimated price.

Suppliers and Brands

Famous and more established brands will charge more due to the good name they have to provide quality.

Another variable if the geographical location. The geographic location that suppliers ship from to you will also lead to the change of prices. This is mostly due to the cost of logistics and shipping.

Demand and Supply in the Market

Market demand and supply fluctuations can affect the prices of shrink wrap films.

Personalization or Customization

Size, color, or printing customizations of films can come with added costs.

Extra Features

When more properties like anti-fog, UV resistance, and more, it increases the prices. Additionally, you may needs specialized printed information on the shrink wrap film. All these will affect the ultimate price of shrink wrap film.


Understanding how unique shrink wrap films are priced and what affects its pricing is important. It helps you to make purchases that stand out and those that are valuable too.

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