What is Shisha Tobacco – Ultimate Guide

With the growing danger of smoking cigarettes, there has been a need to switch to safer smoking options. Shisha tobacco is a safer option compared to cigarettes and also it is a social activity that brings people together.

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What is Shisha Tobacco?

Shisha Tobacco
Shisha Tobacco

Shisha tobacco is a type of tobacco that is flavored to give a sweet aroma while at the same time being safe. Molasses and fruit flavors are among the common flavors that are applied to shisha tobacco.

Different Flavours of Shisha Tobacco

Different Flovours of Shisha Tobacco
Different Flavors of Shisha Tobacco

Shisha tobacco is growing in popularity, and with it, come different blends of flavors that have been customized for different market segments.

Some of these flavor profiles include:

1. Mint Flavor is Made From Mint Leaves:

Mint shisha tobacco flavor is derived directly from fresh mint leaves. Mint leaves are well known for their refreshing and cooling sensation.

The mint shisha tobacco flavor is often used as a palate cleanser or breath freshener.

2. Watermelon Shisha Tobacco Flavor:

Watermelon shisha tobacco flavor is made by combining real watermelons and watermelon essence. This combination delivers a sweet and juicy taste reminiscent of ripe watermelons.

Watermelon shisha tobacco flavor is a very popular choice among shisha smokers for its refreshing and smooth profile.

3. Apple Shisha Tobacco Flavor:

Apple shisha tobacco flavor is among the popular shisha tobacco flavors it offers a distinct apple taste with hints of sweetness.

Besides, the apple shisha tobacco flavor is frequently used as a base for mixing with other flavors.

4. Blackberry Shisha Tobacco Flavor:

Blackberry shisha tobacco flavor gives the essence of blackberries. It has a rich and slightly tangy flavor.

5. Grape Shisha Tobacco Flavor:

Grape shisha tobacco flavor is created using grape essence. The grape makes the shisha tobacco flavor deliver a sweet and grape-like taste while being versatile and very compatible with various mixtures.

6. Strawberry Shisha Tobacco Flavor:

Strawberry shisha tobacco flavor is infused with the essence of fresh strawberries that offers a sweet and fragrant strawberry flavor. This type of shisha tobacco flavor is often used as a stand-alone flavor or mixed with other fruits.

7. Raspberry Shisha Tobacco Flavor:

Raspberry shisha tobacco flavor is derived from raspberries, providing a tangy and slightly sweet taste. Raspberries give a delightful aroma and a distinct berry profile. Raspberry also blends well with other berry flavors for a more complex experience.

8. Blueberry Shisha Tobacco Flavor:

Blueberry shisha tobacco flavor features the essence of blueberries and delivers a sweet and mildly tart taste. Blueberry shisha tobacco flavor is frequently used in combination with other berry flavors.

9. Mixed Fruit Shisha Tobacco Flavor:

Mixed fruit shisha tobacco flavor is made using a blend of various fruit essences. It offers a medley of flavors, combining the best elements of different fruits.

Mixed fruit shisha tobacco flavor is popular with shisha tobacco smokers because it provides a dynamic and fruity smoking experience.

10. Cherry Shisha Tobacco Flavor:

Cherry shisha tobacco flavor is infused with the essence of cherries and delivers a sweet and slightly tangy cherry taste.

Cherry shisha tobacco flavor is often used as a standalone flavor or mixed with other fruits.


11. Strawberry Cheesecake Shisha Tobacco Flavor:

Strawberry cheesecake shisha tobacco flavor combines the sweetness of strawberries with the richness of cheesecake. It is a creamy and fruity taste with a hint of bakery goodness.

12. Fresh Shisha Flavor:

Fresh shisha tobacco flavor represents a clean and invigorating taste profile. Most of the time fresh shisha tobacco flavor may incorporate elements of mint, citrus, or other refreshing ingredients. The fresh shisha tobacco flavor is often chosen for its revitalizing effect on the palate.

13. Pomegranate Grenadine Shisha Tobacco Flavor:

Pomegranate grenadine shisha tobacco flavor captures the essence of pomegranates, enhanced with grenadine syrup. Pomegranates and grenadines have a sweet and tangy flavor with a touch of tartness.

This type of shisha tobacco flavor is frequently used as a standalone flavor or mixed with other fruits.

14. Peach Shisha Tobacco Flavor:

Peach shisha tobacco flavor features the delicate and sweet taste of peaches while at the same time providing a smooth and aromatic smoking experience.

The peach shisha tobacco flavor is popular with shisha smokers because of its soothing and mellow profile.

15. Sparkling Shisha Tobacco Flavor:

The sparkling shisha tobacco flavor evokes a fizzy and effervescent sensation. It may incorporate elements of citrus or other sparkling flavors.

16. Watermelon With Mint Shisha Tobacco Flavor:

Watermelon with mint shisha tobacco flavor combines the sweetness of watermelon with the cooling effect of mint.

This type of shisha tobacco flavor provides a refreshing and balanced flavor combination and very ideal for those seeking a harmonious blend of fruit and freshness.

17. Fusions Premium Shisha Tobacco Flavor:

Fusion premium shisha tobacco flavor represents a high-quality and refined shisha tobacco flavor. It is expensive compared to other shisha tobacco flavors and incorporates various fruit, herbal, or floral elements.

Because of its price, the fusion premium shisha tobacco flavor provides a sophisticated and nuanced smoking experience.

18. Space Smoke Arabian Blueberry Shisha Tobacco Flavor:

Space smoke Arabian blueberry shisha tobacco flavor offers an exotic and aromatic take on blueberry flavor. It is inspired by Arabian influences, providing a unique twist while creating an immersive and flavorful smoking session.

Advantages of Shisha

Parts of Shish Hookah
Parts of Shish Hookah

Some of the benefits of shish include:

· Alternative to Cigarette

If you are a cigarette smoker and want to stop the habit, shisha tobacco comes in handy in helping you stop cigarette smoking. Shisha contains fewer harmful substances compared to cigarettes, especially in terms of harmful chemicals and toxins.

· Good for Relaxation

Shisha has a very low amount of nicotine that will still help you relax though in a much safer way. Shisha is also ideal for putting your mind to rest and at ease. It is also good for socializing and can be smoked when having conversations with friends.

· Good Scent

Compared to cigarettes, shisha has very good scents which you can adjust depending on the shisha flavors you are using. Shisha tobacco incorporates essence and different fruit flavors.

· Available in Different Options

Shisha tobacco is available in different scents and flavors. This makes it fun to smoke and also comfortable to your tastes and preferences.

· Eco-Friendly

Unlike cigarettes which produce dangerous smoke to the environment, shisha only releases vapor making it ideal for the environment.

· Can Be Used Nearly Anywhere

Because of its sweet smell and less use of nicotine, shisha can be used pretty much anywhere even indoors. This is because it does not produce dangerous smoke and also smells good.

Smoking Shisha
Smoking Shisha

Apart from the advantages, smoking shisha tobacco has some of its disadvantages. The disadvantages of smoking shisha tobacco include:

· Health Risks

Shisha tobacco contains traces of nicotine at different levels depending on the amount of tobacco used. Just like cigarettes, shisha smoking will expose you to health problems such as various types of cancer especially throat and lung cancer, heart diseases and pulmonary diseases. So, it is prudent you be careful about the use of shisha tobacco.

· Nicotine Addiction

Just like cigarettes, it is pretty easy that you might get addicted to shisha tobacco because of the traces of nicotine. Nicotine is a very addictive drug or substance. Apart from addiction, nicotine also leads to adverse medical conditions that are fatal.

· Secondhand Smoke Exposure

Shisha tobacco releases harmful chemicals into the air. These harmful chemicals expose both the smoker and those around them to second-hand smoke. Apart from the smoker, passive smokers are also exposed to dangerous smoke chemicals which can cause cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

· Carbon Monoxide Exposure

The smoke from shisha tobacco contains carbon monoxide which is a very toxic gas. This gas is inhaled by both smokers and passive smokers. Carbon monoxide reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. This can lead to oxygen deprivation in the body and subsequently cause headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.

· Oral Health Issues

The use of shisha tobacco over a long period can lead to oral health issues. This is because most of the shisha tobacco flavors contain sugar. The fact that the smoke is hot, combined with the sugar, is a good catalyst for tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. The use of charcoal in shisha preparation may also pose a risk to oral health.

· Addiction Transfer

Addiction transfer means shifting your addiction from one substance to another. Many cigarette smokers see shisha tobacco as an alternative to their cigarette addiction. Then they end up being addicted to the shisha tobacco.

· Financial and Social Implications

Regular shisha smoking can become an expensive habit. The cost of shisha sessions, equipment, and maintenance can add up over time. Shisha tobacco smoking may also contribute to social isolation as smoking shisha is often done in specific settings or establishments. Over long periods it can end up limiting your social interactions with non-smokers.

Types of Hookah Shisha Tobacco


Some of the types of hookah shisha tobacco available in the market include:

Mint Hookah Shisha Tobacco

Mint hookah shisha tobacco is a signature flavor that puts together the finest cooling agents. They are crafted using dark-leaf tobacco and a touch of menthol is incorporated for a cooling inhale. To obtain a mature smoke preference, a stronger cut of tobacco can be blended into the mint hookah shisha tobacco.

Several mint hookah shisha tobacco flavors are continuously being innovated making it overwhelming to choose from the wide range. The reigning top mint flavor is cane mint while pure FML and trifecta tice the ice are among the coldest mint hookah shisha tobacco flavors.

Fresh Hookah Shisha Tobacco

Fresh hookah shisha tobacco is expertly crafted using premium ingredients to achieve a long-lasting and true taste. They deliver a smoking experience that is authentic and which elevates taste buds.

Fresh Hookah Shisha Tobacco
Fresh Hookah Shisha Tobacco

It can be packaged in any hookah bowl; however, it is recommended to pack it using the best packing bowls to obtain optimal flavor.

Red Berries Hookah Shisha Tobacco

Red berries hookah shisha tobacco is a mouth-watering red berry and shisha flavor. It is made up of the finest blends of blonde leaf tobacco that are infused with the best flavor classes to form a great smoking experience.

Exotic Fruit Hookah Shisha Tobacco

Exotic fruit hookah shisha tobacco is made up of an enchanting blend of exotic fruits and tobacco leaves to provide a flavourful taste. It gives a bright and rich palette of aromas and a combination of fruits of tropical and subtropical origin.

Social Smoke Hookah Shisha Tobacco

Social smoke hookah shisha tobacco is made up of more than 65 different flavors. It gives a great flavor, sweetness, and clouds of smoke that last long. It is manufactured using unwashed tobacco leaves of high grade without any addition of artificial dyes.

The hookah shisha tobacco is then double fermented in a way that promotes its natural sugars forming a unique flavor. The fermentation process also ensures that the smoke of social smoke hookah shisha tobacco is very smooth. Social smoke hookah shisha tobacco ensures that you get both flavor and high-quality ingredients on the go.

Eternal Smoke Hookah Shisha Tobacco

It is made up of finely chopped tobacco which is blended to perfection and has a wide variety of refreshing flavors to choose from. Eternal smoke hookah shisha tobacco is a recommended type as it has every flavor for every occasion.

The six main flavors of eternal smoke hookah shisha tobacco include:

  • Cool series
  • Enjoy series
  • Extreme series
  • Guess what series
  • Mix series
  • Romance series

Element Hookah Shisha Tobacco

Element hookah shisha tobacco has created a perspective of four elements on a scale of lightest to strongest. This creates a wide range of options for everyone to choose what is right for them.

Air is the lightest element of hookah shisha tobacco and suits people who want to experience a mild smoking experience. Water tends to be a bit stronger and suits people who need to experience a little enhanced flavor.

The third category, the earth is richer in flavour and gives an intense smoking experience. The final category, fire is the strongest element of hookah shisha tobacco and it is good for those who need extreme smoking experience.

It is worth noting that due to its popularity, hookah shisha tobacco is available in thousands of flavors and types. You can even custom-make your specific flavors according to your taste.

Ingredients for Making Shisha Tobacco

One thing to keep in mind is that shisha tobacco comes in different flavors. This means that the ingredients will vary depending on the type of shisha tobacco you want. Some of the common ingredients for making shisha tobacco include but are not limited to:


Glycerine is a thick and odorless liquid that is derived from plant or animal sources. Glycerine is preferred as a shisha tobacco ingredient because of the thick white smoke it produces when heated. It is also purposely used because of its ability to moisten the tobacco and keeping it from drying.


Honey is sweet and flavourful; it is because of these two features that make it preferred as a shisha tobacco ingredient compared to other sugars. Honey also balances the different shisha tobacco flavors and also moistens the contents of the shisha tobacco.

Beet Molasses

Beet molasses is what you get as a residue when processing sugar. it is preferred as a shisha tobacco making ingredient because of its sweet taste. Beet molasses balances out the bitter taste of tobacco by giving it a earthy and sweet taste.


Lemon as a shisha tobacco is very efficient in balancing taste and giving the shisha tobacco a tangy flavor. Lemon is not only used for the taste but also used to brighten the shisha tobacco while at the same time giving a minty, refreshing element to the smoke

Ethyl Alcohol

Ethyl alcohol as a shisha tobacco ingredient serves as a binder and also as a preservative. It is ideal for fusing all the shisha tobacco together and providing a single taste profile.

Aromatic Additives

Aromatic additives are added to shisha tobacco to give it its distinct aromatic flavor. Most of the additives are artificial flavors that are usually combined to give customizable flavors. These additives can include extracts, essential oils, or flavor concentrates derived from fruits, herbs, spices, or other sources. They play a crucial role in developing the desired taste profiles which range from fruity, minty, floral, and other flavor profiles.

Tobacco Leaf

Tobacco leaf is the main ingredient of shisha tobacco. The tobacco leaf that is used is made from different tobacco varieties. These tobacco varieties may include Virginia, Burley, or Turkish tobacco. The overall shisha tobacco taste profile is derived from the tobacco leaf and creates a foundation for the best smoking experience.

Food Coloring

Food coloring is used to add color to the shisha tobacco to make it more visually appealing and attractive.

Fruit Essence

Fruit essence is widely used in giving shisha tobacco distinct and unique taste profiles. These essences capture the natural aroma and taste of fruits and are added to enhance the overall flavor profile.

Prevelance and Determinants of Hookah Shisha Tobacco Pie Chart
Prevelance and Determinants of Hookah Shisha Tobacco Pie Chart

How to Make Shisha Tobacco

You can make shisha tobacco using the following simple steps:

i. First, break up your tobacco into smaller pieces or strips. You will use it as your base ingredient.

ii. After breaking the tobacco, you should soak it in water to remove the nicotine element and the tobacco flavor.

iii. The third step is adding honey and molasses to your tobacco. Ensure you let your tobacco dry a bit before adding the molasses and homey.

iv. Add glycerine to the mixture to sweeten your shisha tobacco.

v. Bake the tobacco before you had other flavors.

vi. Let the shisha tobacco sit before enjoying it the next day with friends.

Effects of Shisha Tobacco

Some of the positive effects of shisha tobacco include helping you relax, encouraging social activity by bringing people together and encouraging people to leave the use of cigarettes because it is a safe alternative.

Shisha tobacco smoking has been around for centuries and it is deeply rooted in many cultures and traditions. It offers a unique and aesthetically pleasing experience. The use of crafted hookah pipes and the ritualistic preparation process can enhance the overall ambiance.

Shisha tobacco also comes in different flavors that are customizable. This aspect of shisha tobacco makes it flexible compared to cigarettes. It also allows the users to experiment with different flavor profiles for maximum enjoyment.

Although shisha tobacco is used as an alternative to cigarettes, it is not entirely safer. It still has traces of nicotine which can cause serious disease if you over-indulge for long periods.

Besides that, shisha tobacco provides the potential for accidents. These accidents may include small burns from the hot charcoal or the hookah pipe. It is advisable to be careful when handling both the charcoal and the hookah pipes.

How Safe Is Hookah Shisha Tobacco

Hookah shisha is much safer compared to cigarette use. It contains less or no nicotine traces which are a major cause of diseases. Hookah shisha tobacco also emits vapor instead of dangerous cigarette fumes.

Apart from that, it is also important to consider safety regarding the handling and use of hookah shisha tobacco. Some of the considerations you should put in mind include:

Heat and Charcoal Management

Hookah shisha tobacco uses hot charcoal to heat the tobacco. So you must be aware of where and how to handle the charcoal to avoid accidental fires. You should also be careful in disposing of the charcoal and the resulting ash. Ensure the location you are using the hookah shisha tobacco is well-ventilated and that you have proper charcoal handling tools.

Hookah Setup

Before setting up the hookah, you should follow the manufacturer’s manual for setting up and dismantling the hookah. All components should be properly connected and sealed to prevent any accidents from occurring.

Hot Surfaces

Be cautious of the parts of the hookah that get hot to avoid burns. This may include the charcoal tray and the stem.

Cleaning and Maintenance

After every use, dismantle the hookah following the manufacturer’s dismantling process. You should then clean the different hookah components and place them to dry. Constant cleaning after every use ensures that residue or mold does not build up.

Hygiene Practices

If sharing the hookah, it is prudent for everyone to have their disposable mouthpieces or in the absence of that, sanitize the hookah mouth before sharing.

How Flavored and Unflavoured Shisha Tobacco Compare

Flavor Options

Unflavoured shisha tobacco lacks distinct flavors or tastes while flavored shisha tobacco has a wide range of flavors such as mint, fruit flavors, and more.


Flavored shisha tobacco has a pleasant taste that enhances the smoking experience while unflavoured shisha tastes like natural tobacco.


Unflavoured shisha tobacco has a mild aroma and smells of natural tobacco while flavored shisha tobacco has strong and aromatic, often matching the flavor profile


Flavored shisha tobacco is appealing to beginners while unflavored shisha tobacco is less appealing due to its strong flavors.


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