Shisha Tobacco Trends

Shisha Tobacco Trends – An In-depth Analysis of the Hookah Industry

Shisha tobacco has been trending for some years because of the rapid growth in the global market revenue experienced. Some regions refer to it as hookah tobacco or water pipe shisha. Initially, shisha was smoked in the Middle East; however, over the years, it has become popular in various regions worldwide.

The kind of growth and acceptance experienced and anticipated on hookah tobacco can be attributed to many factors. Such factors include; popularity/social acceptance, various flavors, misconceptions about its health effects, etc.

Market Trends for Hookah-Based Total Revenue

Shisha Tobacco Market
Shisha Tobacco Market

Hookah tobacco market-based total revenue has grown rapidly for some years and is still expected to grow. Research carried out to look into the factors at play found many contributors to this growth. The hookah tobacco market trends were classified into flavor type, tobacco type, geography, key players, and distribution channels.

Shisha Tobacco Market by Tobacco Type

In the market today, various types of tobacco are used for hookah, including light, mild and strong tobacco. Market research shows that consumers have preferred strong tobacco in the historical to present years. The mild tobacco type has been the second-largest in market demand.

The light tobacco type is the lowest contributor to the rapid shisha tobacco market growth. However, it is anticipated to have substantial growth over the coming years.

Shisha Tobacco Market Revenue Contributed by Flavor Type

Shisha Tobacco Flavor
Shisha Tobacco Flavor

The global shisha tobacco market has a rapid revenue growth rate due to the presence of various shisha flavors. Some of these contributor flavors include beverages, mint, fruit, candy, and spices. In the report given by market research institutions, fruit flavor is at the top of the list, followed by spice flavor.

Consumers are currently demanding various flavor combinations, and since the manufacturers can provide them, there is more demand for shisha. More demand means continuous market expansion. Other flavor options like beverages and confectionery are also projected to grow in the future.

Shisha Tobacco Market Trend through Distribution Channels

In this segment, we have two main distribution channels: direct (from the manufacturer) and indirect (from retailers). Research shows that the direct distribution channel is the most significant contributor to the shisha market growth. The indirect distribution channel is also doing well but falls second.

In the shisha tobacco market, consumers can now get their hookah tobacco in cafes, restaurants, lounges, bars, parlors, etc. More shisha retail distribution channels will be exempted from smoking regulations in the next few years. The exemption will ensure continued market revenue growth for shisha tobacco.

Shisha Tobacco Market Revenue as Contributed by Critical Players

By key players, we mean the companies that manufacture shisha tobacco contributing to the global market revenue for shisha tobacco. Some key players include; Fumari, Nakhla, Starbuzz, Eastern Tobacco, and the Middle East for Tobacco Company.

Fumari and other Asian shisha tobacco companies have been and are considered the most significant contributors to the shisha tobacco market growth.

Shisha Tobacco Market Revenue Trend by Geography

Countries in the Middle East and North America are currently contributing largely to the total global shisha tobacco market revenue. People in countries like Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and others have experienced shisha for the longest time giving it social acceptance. Shisha tobacco smoking, however, has spread to other regions of the world.

Flavor as Driving Factor in Hookah Tobacco Market Trends


Flavored Hookah Attracts Youth Users

Research done by truth initiative shows that young adults and the youth consume more flavored shisha tobacco than the rest of the age groups. Great fuel to the shisha tobacco market because most of the global population comprises young adults.

The youth is attracted to flavored products because of the sweet tastes and odors such as fruits and candy flavors. Flavored shisha is more appealing because they think it has a great taste and aroma with few or no health effects.

Another reason the flavored shisha tobacco market revenue is proliferating among the youth is due to marketing styles. Most flavored shisha tobacco marketers put emphasis on the flavors and use colorful images to attract consumers. Youth and young adults will always want to try new things leading to more consumption.

Flavored shisha tobacco sessions are seen as a way to socialize and unwind among the youths as they try different flavor combinations. Peer pressure also greatly influences flavored shisha consumption among youth and young adults.

Shisha Tobacco Smoking
Shisha Tobacco Smoking

Shisha Tobacco in North America

In North America, research shows that shisha tobacco is socially accepted, especially among the youth. Restaurants and cafes are now distributing the product to consumers through various outlets adding more revenue to the global shisha tobacco market.

Shisha Tobacco in Europe

Most hookah tobacco consumers in Europe are from Spain, France, and Germany, the major contributors to the European shisha market growth. Shisha tobacco social acceptance in this region is not as high because consumers are aware of its health effects. However, Europe is a significant contributor to the rapid growth of the shisha tobacco market revenue.

Shisha Tobacco in Asia Pacific

Shisha tobacco originated from India and Arabic regions, although it has spread to most parts of the world. Most people in the Asia Pacific region are not aware of the health of effects of shisha tobacco.

Bars and restaurants around educational institutions are selling shisha, and most states have not placed strict regulations on shisha smoking. Therefore, the Arabic world has shown the highest social acceptance to shisha tobacco, contributing to its market growth.

 Shisha Tobacco in Middle East and Africa

Shisha tobacco is now consumed in Middle East Africa, and most people are not aware of its harmful health effects. Most people use hookah as a way to socialize and relax. However, in Africa, most people still feel that shisha smoking is meant for wealthy people. In the coming years, this perception may change, and more people will join the hookah smoking trend.


Generally, the main reason many people worldwide smoke shisha is that most of them are not aware of its health effects. Other reasons for the rapid shisha market growth include; socializing, relaxation, peer pressure, and flavor options.

The shisha market will continue to grow for some years. However, after some years, the growth may slow when people get to learn about its health effects.

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