Shisha Tobacco Production Equipment

Shisha tobacco otherwise known as hookah tobacco is pretty much a “flavored tobacco”.

To achieve maximum production capacity, the use of shisha tobacco production equipment has become popular among several manufacturers. Some of these equipment include:

1. Shisha Tobacco Packaging Machine

As the name implies, the shisha tobacco packaging machine automatically encloses tobacco in seals.

Compared to manual packaging, packaging machines have automated the entire packaging process making it faster thus increasing the production capacity.

You can either choose the vertical or horizontal shisha tobacco packaging machine. The vertical one comprises an air jet system that facilitates the loading of the product into the plastic bags.

While at it, the weight of each product is equally measured and packaged accordingly.

Shisha Tobacco Packagiang Line
 Shisha Tobacco Packagiang Line

On the other hand, the horizontal packaging machine features a dosing system that facilitates the accuracy of the metering volume.

Additionally, with a horizontal packing mechanism the heat-sealing quality is boosted.

Here are some factors you might want to consider when selecting an ideal packaging machine:


Remember the speed of the machine determines your production capacity. Does your business have a high demand? How much do you plan to package? Answering questions like this will assist you in narrowing down your options.


In as much as it is costlier to purchase a bigger machine, the bigger the machine the faster the production process.


An easy-to-use control or setting in a machine not only reduces training times but also accelerates the production process.

Automation Options

While some machines lack automated features, others are designed with additional automated features such as labelers and conveyors which streamline the process.

Customization Options

More often than not shisha tobacco production machines have customizable features that allow you to control factors such as speed or temperature. This not only saves on labor but also time.

2. Shisha tobacco Cartoning machine

Once the shisha tobacco product is packaged in plastic bags, they are stored in cartons using a cartoning machine.

Normally, the cartons are picked when flat and made into a box after which the products are put inside.

Shisha tobacco Cartoning machine
Shisha tobacco Cartoning machine

Two types of cartoning machines that are commonly used for this process include:

  • Intermittent automatic cartoning machine
  • Continuous cartoning machine

In as much as both perform similar functions, the continuous cartoning machine has proven to be much faster. However, it is only suitable for regular-shaped products. This makes intermittent automatic cartoning machines more versatile hence their popularity in the market.

Intermittent automatic cartooning machines can handle up to 100 boxes per minute. Nevertheless, the machine needs to be stopped after every product transportation hence its name. Alternatively, a continuous cartoning machine can handle 100-500 bags per minute and doesn’t require any interruptions during its operation.

Other types of cartoning machines include robotic corners, wrap-around cartooning machines, and high-speed cartoning machines.

When purchasing any of these cartoning machines, be sure to consider your production capacity, the nature of the products being packaged, and the cost performance.

For example, if you want a faster machine a continuous cartoning machine will be ideal.

3. Shisha Tobacco Flavoring Machine

A shisha tobacco flavoring machine is used to distribute flavors in cut shisha tobacco through the rotation of the sprayer and cylinder. When buying this machine, you’d want to consider the size, speed, and automation options.

Shisha tobacco flavoring machines come in several different sizes and as you’d guess the bigger the size the faster the process. Also, features such as heating and cooling are added advantages.

Shisha Tobacco Flavoring Machine
Shisha Tobacco Flavoring Machine

4. Shisha Tobacco Dosing Machine

A hookah tobacco dosing machine is designed to work jointly with the weighing and packaging machines. Its main function is ensuring accuracy in measurements when packaging shisha tobacco in different plastic bags.

To facilitate this, the shisha tobacco dosing machine is designed to pack different weights which can range from as low as 10 grams up to 500grams. For some machines, the speed can be as high as 300 times per minute when handling 50 grams of shisha tobacco.

Nevertheless, the speed or weight that the machine can handle greatly depends on the type of machine you choose to purchase.

Different machines have different features so it’s important to first identify your needs before opting to buy a shisha tobacco dosing machine.

Shisha Tobacco Dosing Machine
Shisha Tobacco Dosing Machine

5. Shisha Tobacco Weighing Machine

Normally, you will find this machine at the end of the processing system. A Shisha tobacco weighing machine is designed to reject any box that is overweight or underweight.

While doing so, it transmits information to the dosing machine which in turn helps in reducing wastage.

But how accurate is the shisha tobacco weighing machine?

Mostly, these machines have a high level of accuracy which is +/-0.1g. As such, the number of false rejections is extremely low.

When selecting a shisha tobacco weighing machine, be sure to choose a user-friendly one. Not forgetting that you need to have the right settings in place for your machine to perform as desired.

Shisha Tobacco Weighing Machine
Shisha Tobacco Weighing Machine

6. Shisha Tobacco Cellophane Wrapping Machine

A shisha tobacco cellophane wrapping machine is used to wrap a plastic film around boxes. First, the plastic films are cut. The boxes pass through a conveyor belt where they are wrapped in a plastic film and later sealed.

You can choose a cellophane wrapping machine that’s fully automated, semi-automated, or manual. Your choice depends on the level of preciseness and automation you want to achieve.

Of course, a fully automatic machine is ideal if so, you want to achieve a high level of accuracy and speed as well as save on labor costs.

Also, be sure to consider the following when buying a shisha tobacco cellophane wrapping machine.

  • Box/pallet size – Different cellophane wrapping machines are designed to handle different sizes of boxes. Therefore, it’s important to know the sizes of boxes you’re dealing with before making your purchase.
  • Size of the machine – A bigger machine wraps boxes faster and handles more work as compared to a smaller one. Nevertheless, the space availability factor is one of the key considerations you need to take into account.
  • Overwrapping capacity- For a higher demanding business, it’s best to select a machine with a high overwrapping capacity to increase production speed.
  • Pallet load- Your pallet load should complement the standards of your wrapping machine to ensure accuracy in speed and productivity.
  • Size of the conveyor – The conveyor size and product measurements should match in order to achieve effective performance.
Shisha Tobacco Cellophane Wrapping Machine
Shisha Tobacco Cellophane Wrapping Machine

7. Shisha Tobacco Labeling Machine

A shisha labeling machine is used to input labels onto the product. The different labeling machines are designed to work with different shapes of products and come with different automation capabilities. For instance, the semi-automatic machine requires labor during part of the process.

The operator might be required to place the product in the right place for it to be labeled. Once labeled, he/she will also need to shift the product to the next step. This kind of machine is best for a small-scale business owing to the decreased level of accuracy and lower costs.

On the other hand, a fully automated labeling machine operates with minimal supervision. The conveyor automatically moves the products from one step to the next until the end of the labeling process.

That said, it’s important to understand what works best for your business to avoid any unnecessary inconveniences in the labeling process.

Shisha Tobacco Labeling Machine
Shisha Tobacco Labeling Machine

8. Shisha Tobacco Drying Machine

One of the first processes of preparing shisha tobacco is washing or boiling it. For shisha tobacco to dry, it’s passed through a drying machine (dehydrator) where all moisture is removed up to a certain specified level.

The drying/curing process also gets rid of the fresh greenish odor and is responsible for the final quality of the shisha tobacco.

Heating takes place inside the dehydrator making the tobacco leaves change color and emit a distinct smell.

There are different types of drying machines you can select from.

As you do, here are some factors you might want to consider when selecting a suitable drying machine to match your needs.

  • Quality of the drying process
  • Diversification of the drying machine
  • User-friendliness and installation of the machine
  • Energy consumption levels of the machine.
  • Production capacity of your business
Shisha Tobacco Drying Equipment
Shisha Tobacco Drying Equipment

9. Shisha Tobacco Mixing/Blending Machine

The mixing machine powered by motors facilitates even mixing of all the added flavors and molasses in the shisha tobacco. As such, be sure to get a machine with a powerful motor for effective results.

A shisha tobacco mixing machine features stir equipment, a worm wheel, a boiler body, a tilting technique, and a worm rod. At the end of the process, the mixture should have evenly distributed flavors.

A good mixer should not only have the right speed but also be easy to operate. Not forgetting that a machine with a good heating system saves on costs.

Shisha Tobacco Mixing Machine
Shisha Tobacco Mixing Machine

10. Shisha Tobacco Cutting Machine

Shisha tobacco cutting machines shred tobacco into smaller pieces that can be easily processed. Most shisha tobacco cutting machines are easy to use with most designed to cut the product into different sizes and quantities.

Compared to manual cutting, automated cutting achieves more precise results.

You might want to take into account the following key factors when buying your shisha tobacco-cutting machine:

  • Size of bearings
  • Customization options
  • Length of the cutting knife
  • Use and installation of the machine.
Shisha Tobacco Cutting Machine
Shisha Tobacco Cutting Machine

A conveyor belt, a slicing system, a frame, and a speed control box are just some of the parts you’re likely to find in a cutting machine. Just like any other parts or equipment, they are prone to damage in the long run. However, the good news is that these parts can be replaced.

At Jochamp, we help you boost your shisha tobacco production by giving the best machines. For a complete shisha tobacco production line, we are here to help – contact us now.

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