Shisha Tobacco Pricing and Cost Factors

Shisha Tobacco Pricing and Cost Factors

Shisha tobacco is a product smoked for benefits such as relaxation and socialization. Like any other product in the market, shisha tobacco pricing and costs are affected by various factors as we will discuss below.

Price Statistics on Shisha and Hookah


Shisha tobacco has had an immense growth in terms of production and consumption over the years since 2021. Since hookah tobacco is widely accepted by various entities all over the world, its market will have a continued rapid growth.

There was study by Research and Markets on shish tobacco use. In their report on hookah tobacco market, in 2021, shisha tobacco had a market value of USD 882.54M. By 2029 it’s expected to be at USD 1516.36M. That would be a 7% growth rate between 2021 and 2029.

This year (2023), shisha tobacco in smaller quantities (50g) may cost 3 USD while packages of 1kg sell at 70 USD. This will depend on a number of factors as we will discuss in the next subtopic.

Of course, some of these progress are attributed to the innovations in the shish tobacco industry.

Factors Affecting Shisha Prices and Costs

Factors to be considered before pricing shisha tobacco flavors include but not limited to the ones discussed below.

1. Brand

Shisha tobacco market has grown and is now being smoked in almost every part of the globe. However, there are brands that are more popular than others.

For instance, Adalya lady killer is one of the best brands available. Its pricing is higher compared to other brands at the bottom of the list such as Fumari blueberry Muffin. The reason for higher pricing in this case is high quality and high product demand.

You can also learn more about shisha tobacco history.


Shisha Brands
Shisha Brands

2. Flavor Combinations

Initially, shisha tobacco had no flavors in it so the pricing was a bit low. However, over the years, manufacturers have come up with endless ways to mix different flavors. This has resulted into a number of shisha tobacco flavor combinations. A shisha tobacco with only one flavor would sell at a lower price compared to one with several flavor combinations.

You can learn more about shisha tobacco flavors.

3 . Tobacco/Nicotine Content

In the market today we have shisha tobacco that has been made from the light leaf tobacco and another made from the dark leaf. The difference is the nicotine content in each. The light leaf shisha tobacco has lower nicotine content while the dark leaf shisha tobacco has high nicotine content. There is a difference when pricing the two products; one with higher tobacco content will cost more than the light leaf one.

4. Taxes

Generally, taxes levied on any product will affect its pricing. Shisha tobacco is not different, when taxes are high, the product price also increases. On the days when taxes are lowered consumers can enjoy shisha tobacco at lower prices.

5. Guidelines and Regulations on Tobacco Consumption

Each country has regulations and guidelines on tobacco consumptions. These guidelines will determine the demand and consumption rate of shisha tobacco.

Shisha Guide
Shisha Guide

When the demand and consumption is high, the prices will increase. When demand is low, even the sellers will lower their prices to accommodate more consumption from the few customers available.


As you can see, the ingredients, legislations, and taxes play an important role in shisha tobacco cost and pricing.

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