A Complete Guide to Shisha Tobacco Packaging Regulations

Shisha tobacco contain nicotine and other agents that can be addictive. Additionally, it a combination of tobacco and other binding agents like honey, glycerin or molasses.

In the past years shisha tobacco users have increased in number thus raising concern to the community. Thus leading to establishment of new regulations in the market of shisha tobacco.

Why Regulations for Packaging Shisha Tobacco

The main aim of these regulations is to help educate shisha tobacco users on the effects of using shisha tobacco and to reduce the number of shisha tobacco users. The government has set a side regulation that must be adhered to all manufactures of shisha tobacco.

Regulations for Labelling and Warning Statement on Shisha Tobacco Packaging

Health Warnings

Shisha Tobacco Packaging
Shisha Tobacco Packaging

Health warning on shisha tobacco must appear on the front and back of the package. Consumers of shisha tobacco must be aware with the health risks associated with the use of shisha tobacco and it must be entailed.

Example, shisha tobacco smoking can lead to cancer and other diseases due to it’s high level of tar and carbon monoxide present in it.

Health warning must remain intact when the pack is opened and it should be written in a language that is understandable for everyone in different parts of the country. The prints must be fully visible.

Presentation of All Tobacco Products

These are the rules or regulations that prohibits the packaging of hookah tobacco products from misleading its consumers.

Creating a false impression about shisha tobacco characteristics and health risks is not allowed. Example Suggesting that tobacco products is less harmful than other substances.

These helps since no one is allowed to produce or supply tobacco where packaging labelling contain its trademarks, symbol or any other promotional content.

Stating It’s Use

When selling shisha tobacco, the manufactures should state how it use and the steps to follow. These information must be in details to help the users to understand better.


Age is a main factor when it’s comes to selling shisha tobacco. Shisha tobacco shouldn’t be sold to anyone under the age of 18 since they are still considered minors. .Most teenager view shisha tobacco smoking as a leisure activity to pass time thus leading to a lot of health factors among teenagers.

Removal of Promotional Aspect Expect for the Brand Name


Shisha tobacco should not contain any other promotional aspect like buy two get one free or buy shisha tobacco to get free lighter. These kinds of promotional aspects are not allowed.

Branded Shisha Tobacco Packaging
Branded Shisha Tobacco Packaging

Regulations on the Type of Packaging Shisha Tobacco

Shisha tobacco packaging must reach a certain standardized requirement for it to be introduced in the market or sold in the market.

Shisha tobacco packaging must entail specific details like track and trace.

Shisha tobacco must be able to be traced in case of any security issues, it can be tracked back to the manufactures. Shisha tobacco packaging must indicate the type of substance present with its percentage.

Consumers must be aware of the percentage of nicotine they are consuming to avoid unnecessary addiction.  The nicotine containing liquids must be manufactured using ingredients of high purity that does not pose a risk to human beings.

The packaging of shisha tobacco must contain instructions on how to store it and how to use. These instructions help consumer’s to understand how to handle shisha tobacco and how to use it appropriately.

Shisha Tobacco Packing
Shisha Tobacco Packing

Recommend Storage for Shisha Tobacco after Packaging

Correct storage of shisha tobacco helps it to prolong its life span. Shisha tobacco should be stored in hookah cabinet or closet since its exposure to direct sunlight is minimal.

These enclosed places help shisha tobacco not to be exposed to fluctuations in temperature. The main aim is to keep shisha tobacco away from any source of heat and light.

Keeping the container sealed and tight. Some shisha tobacco are sold in container and jars and ensure that they are tightly sealed once you open it to avoid it from drying up.


Shisha tobacco smoking have become a trendy and fashionable life style thus leading to its increase in its consumer’s. These has led the government to impose rules and regulations to educate tobacco consumers on the risks associated with smoking of shisha tobacco.

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