Shisha Tobacco Packaging Printing

Printing is an important factor to put into consideration when it comes to shisha tobacco packaging printing. Not only should the printing be conspicuous, but it should also be safe and not contaminate the shisha tobacco.

The printing elements, types of printing to use, machines, and the benefits associated are among the factors to be put into consideration.

Shisha Tobacco Packaging Printing Elements

Some of the shisha tobacco elements you should consider when carrying out shisha tobacco packaging printing include:

Printed Shisha Tobacco Packaging
Printed Shisha Tobacco Packaging

Product Description and Features

Product description and features are essential in providing the product’s information such as ingredients, flavors, expiry date, and other relevant information.


Ingredients of the shisha tobacco are an important element to indicate on the shisha tobacco packaging. Many countries require shisha tobacco manufacturers to indicate this information on the packaging especially information on nicotine content.

Net Weight

Net weight is indicated on the shisha tobacco packaging to show the weight of the ingredients in the pouch or container.

Brand name and logo is an important element because it shows the customer which shisha brand they are buying. It is important for the identification and aesthetic purposes of hookah shisha tobacco.

Manufacturer Information

Manufacturer’s information on the packaging may include the manufacturer’s contact information, name, customer care desk, or even their social media handles.

Symbols and Certifications

Some countries may require that the shisha tobacco packaging be implanted with certain symbols and regulations such as the USDA Organic Seal, nicotine content display, or health implication texts and images.

Bar Codes and QR Codes

Scannable bar codes and QR codes are also printed on the shisha tobacco packaging. They are important in scanning during checkout and also tracking the movement of the product.

Safety Warnings and Precautions

Safety warnings and hazards may include health implications, storage methods, and other potential risks associated with the product. Some regulations demand they take a specific size and shape, and occupy a specified space on the packaging.

Usage Instructions and Guidelines

Shisha tobacco requires careful use, storage, and disposal. All these can be printed on the packaging to guide customers on how to go about the consumption or use of shisha tobacco.

Shisha Tobacco Packaging Printing Types

Shisha Tobacco Printing Packaging
Shisha Tobacco Printing Packaging

Offset Lithography

Offset lithography is a simple printing method that involves setting an image on an aluminum plate and then transferring the same on a substrate. It is ideal for printing different sizes of shisha tobacco packaging materials


If you want to print many small packages that are flexible and of different sizes, the flexography printing method is the most ideal. Not only is it flexible for your shisha packaging printing needs, but it is also cost-effective and fast.

Digital Printing

For shisha tobacco packaging needs, digital printing comes in handy because of its wide range of printing capabilities. You can use it to print almost any material you want and gives clear and custom printing options.

Gravure Printing

Gravure printing is used for printing premium shisha tobacco packages that are mainly packaged in metallic bottles. It engraves designs and information on the bottle and gives them a premium feel.

Printing CMYK

CMYK uses four colors which include cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to print on the shisha tobacco packaging. These four colors are combined in different ways to produce a wide range of colors.

Pantone Matching System (PMS) Printing

PMS is also a printing method that is used to print on shisha tobacco packages. Though it is a bit expensive to use, it produces intricate and sharp colors.

Benefits of Shisha Tobacco Packaging

Boosts Brand Image

Clear and sharp printing boosts the shisha tobacco brand image by attracting customers to the brand. It also plays an important role in providing important information to the customer.

Increased Customer Retention

Shisha tobacco packaging printing that has been done well plays an important role in enhancing customer retention.

Encourages Brand Loyalty

Attractive packaging and intricate printing techniques coupled with a great product will attract and retain customers in the long run.

Attraction Of New Customers

Customers are attracted to the aesthetics of the products as well as the contents of the product. A well-thought-out and clean printing will automatically attract new customers.

Improved Business Profitability

Increased customers, sales, and brand awareness as a result of good packaging printing will lead to higher profits.

Shisha Tobacco Packaging Printing Machines

Thermal Transfer Over Printers

These printing machines are preferred because they can be used in printing a wide range of packaging materials such as metal, plastics, and paper.

Continuous Inkjet Printers

These machines print shisha tobacco packages in a continuous line. They are fast, efficient, and used on an industrial scale.

Pouch Printing Machine

Pouch printing machines are custom-made for printing shisha tobacco pouches because of their flexible capabilities.

Fully Automatic Inline Printing For Packaging Printing Machine

Continuous inkjet printers are ideal for printing continuous rolls of shisha tobacco packaging material that can be cut into smaller packaging materials for individual pouches or containers.

Thermal Inkjet Printers

Pouch printing machines are ideal and customized for printing pouches and other flexible materials.


Shisha tobacco packaging printing is an important requirement in many jurisdictions globally. Therefore, having clear prints will help you communicate to your customers the fundamental ingredients in your products.

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