Shisha Tobacco Mixing Machine

Mixing ingredients is an important part of the shisha tobacco manufacturing process.

What Is A Shisha Tobacco Mixing Machine

This is a custom-made machine that you can use in blending and mixing the tobacco used in making your shisha. It mixes among others a variety of substances such as tobacco, additional molasses, and flavors with glycerin.

Features Of Shisha Tobacco Mixing Machine

Some of the notable features you can find in this mixer include:

  • It has a mixing bowl that you can tilt up to 90° while ejecting the tobacco mix
  • An automated lifting arm that is operated using the machine’s electrical system
  • It has a side scraper that enhances the uniform mixing of the materials
  • The heating source can either be steam or electric (single source only)
  • You can vary the mixing speed depending on the grade of shisha you want
  • You can easily set the heating temperature and time as you please

Components Of A Shisha Tobacco Mixing Machine

Depending on the design of the machine, components may vary but still carry out the same procedure. Let us have a look at some of the most common components of this mixer.

  • Agitator: this component has an impeller and a shaft that provides the motion to the mixing shovels inside the mixing pot.
  • Motor: The AC motor provides the drive required by the agitator to carry out the mixing process
  • Boiler Body: this component provides the heat required in the process of mixing the tobacco with other materials
  • Stir Device: they are shovel-like structures/paddles that facilitate the mixing and are located inside the mixing vessel
  • Tilting System: this is the mechanical component that inclines the mixing vessels up to 90° to enable the final mixture to be ejected
  • Worm Wheel: this is basically a gear that transmits power from the agitator to the mixing bowl to facilitate motion
Shisha Tobacco Mixing Machine Components
Shisha Tobacco Mixing Machine Components

How A Shisha Tobacco Mixing Machine

This machine contains an agitating motor with a very high power rating to ensure the mixing attains a high-quality standard. To reduce the risk of the motor breaking down, we normally settle for a high-performing motor.

The stirring paddle is normally S-shaped so that all the ingredients are well agitated to produce an even mix. Remember, the raw materials are placed in the U-shaped mixing vessel to start with.

Also, the U-design combined with the S-shape of the stirring paddles ensures that your tobacco is uniformly mixed. The motor will provide the driving power to the agitator to rotate the paddles so as to start mixing the raw materials in the vessel.

After the process is complete, a reversing motor will tilt the mixing vessel so that you can unload your product efficiently. Normally, you will pre-set the mixing time on your machine and it will automatically stop when the time elapses.

Merits Of Shisha Tobacco Mixing Machine

Let us now look at how you can benefit from this machine:

  • It has a very efficient heating system that greatly reduces the cooking time thus saving on production cost
  • The stainless material used in making the machine is very easy to clean
  • You have an option of either using steam or electricity as your source of heat
  • It is very easy to use with available safety controls


This is one of the best ways to produce a very refined blend of shisha tobacco with very good industry standards. It is very user-friendly with very minimal maintenance required.

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