Factors Affecting Shisha Tobacco Manufacturing Cost

Shisha tobacco also known as hookah is a combination of tobacco prepared in molasses and flavored with fruit flavors. Shisha contains a larger number of nicotine, carbon monoxide, tar, and other toxins.

Due to the rapid growth and acceptance of shisha tobacco, there are several factors that affect the cost of manufacturing shisha tobacco as mentioned below.

1. Shisha Tobacco Brand

There are brands that are more popular because they have established a good reputation and buyers tend to trust them thus making marketing competition stiff for the other brands.

Brands that are more popular tend to have higher prices than compared to brands that are not popular. Brands with high-quality products have high demand for their products thus affecting the cost of manufacturing.

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2. Flavor Combination

Over several years there has been growth in shisha tobacco. This has led to the new trend of adding flavors to shisha tobacco which has contributed much to the factors affecting its manufacturing cost.

Shisha tobacco, which has more than one flavor is more expensive than shisha tobacco, which has only one flavor in it.

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Mint Shisha Tobacco Flavor
Mint Shisha Tobacco Flavor

3. Taxes on Shisha Tobacco Products

When the government imposes higher taxes on these products the cost of manufacturing increases. As a result, shisha tobacco consumers will access tobacco at a higher price while when the taxes are lowered shisha tobacco consumers will get shisha tobacco at a lower price.

4. Guidelines and Regulations on Tobacco Consumption

Each country or state has different regulations and guidelines on tobacco consumption. These guidelines will determine the demand on the consumption rate of shisha tobacco.

5. Quantity and Weight of Shisha Tobacco

Shisha tobacco has different quantities and weights thus this affects and has a direct relation with the price. Expect to pay more for a higher quantity. The quantity can be in terms of weight.

So, always check the shisha tobacco packaging.

Shisha Tobacco Packaging
Shisha Tobacco Packaging

6. Geographical Impact

The price of shisha tobacco varies depending on the geographical location. For instance, in areas where there are no restrictions one will be able to access shisha tobacco at a lower cost compared to areas with strict restrictions.

7. Tobacco/Nicotine Content

Shisha tobacco is made from two different types of leaves, the light leaf and the dark brown leaf. Each leaf contains a different percentage of nicotine in it. Light-leaf shisha tobacco has lower nicotine while dark leaf has higher nicotine present.

Shisha Tobacco Leaves
Shisha Tobacco Leaves

8. Supply and Demand in the Shisha Tobacco Market

Supply and demand play a major role in factors affecting the cost of manufacturing shisha tobacco. When the supply and demand is higher the price goes up compared to when the demand is low prices tend to go down.


Smoking shisha tobacco is nowadays viewed as a lifestyle and it’s widely accepted by the majority of communities. There are several factors that affect shisha tobacco manufacturing cost as mentioned above.

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