Shisha Tobacco Ingredients and Composition

Hookah tobacco is a mix of cautiously picked ingredient that blend to produce an aromatic and flavorful smoking encounter. Each of the ingredients of shisha tobacco contribute to the overall aroma, taste and smoking quality.

This article will look into the shisha tobacco ingredients list in details, highlighting the benefits and effects of each component.

Still wondering what is hookah tobacco made of? Here are the common ingredients in shisha tobacco:

Tobacco Leaf

There exist different types based on the tobacco leaf strength. The popular tobacco leaf types utilized are Oriental, Burley, and Virginia, with Burley tobacco being the strongest, giving greater buzz level.

Tobacco Leaf
Tobacco Leaf

However, Virginia blonde leaf is the most prevalently used hookah tobacco. It is at times mixed with other varieties of Oriental tobacco.


Tobacco gives the craved smoking experience, administering nicotine and a pleasant, constant burn if blended with additional hookah tobacco ingredients.

Recommended Quantity:

Often, tobacco constitutes the greatest quantity of shisha tobacco ingredients percentage. Nonetheless, the precise amount is variable dependent on the flavor and tobacco leaf type.

Individual types of tobacco leaves have specific burning rates, so it is vital to experiment to determine how much tobacco to put in shisha. Typical hookah bowl can carry between 15-20g of tobacco.


Tobacco comprises nicotine that can induce stimulating reactions. It also bears the hazards related to nicotine use, including addiction and associated health risks.


Self-control is crucial. Be conscious of your hookah tobacco consumption if you are nicotine-sensitive or working on quitting smoking. Also, you can soak the tobacco leaves to make them supple and reduce the nicotine content amount.

Non-Tobacco Shisha Ingredients

There is shisha tobacco ingredients percentage that is made up of non-tobacco constituents that include the following:


Sugarcane molasses is added to serve as a sweetener and to form a moist tobacco texture. You can use other substitutes like corn syrup and honey, but molasses is the most popular sweetener amongst shisha enthusiasts.

Sugarcane Molasses
Sugarcane Molasses


Adding molasses to shisha tobacco assists in preserving moisture, prohibiting the drying out of tobacco. It also makes for the general shisha tobacco flavor.

Recommended Quantity:

Typically, a small quantity of molasses is applied to attain the wanted flavor and moisture level. For every 3g of tobacco, apply 1g of honey or molasses. This will ensure a perfect blend of syrupy, wet, though not excessively moist tobacco. However, at times the ratio can be less or more dependent on the type of tobacco and flavoring.


The addition of molasses to hookah tobacco positively impacts the tobacco texture and smoke flavor, ensuring a more pleasant experience.


Make sure to use top-quality molasses or honey since it directly influences the moisture content and taste of shisha. Also, the longer you allow the mixed tobacco to stay, the more it soaks up the moisture and guarantees a better taste encounter.


Glycerin is another non-tobacco shisha ingredient, which is a colorless, unscented liquid utilized to improve smoke production and thickness.


Being a natural humectant, glycerin in hookah tobacco help in preserving moisture. Moreover, it is what contributes to the production of most of the cloudy smoke when you exhale hookah. Finally, glycerin boosts the shisha tobacco flavor by adding a mild sweetness level to the smoke.


Recommended Quantity:

Adding small quantity of glycerin to the shisha tobacco will give you the desire texture and smoke density. For every 300g of tobacco leaves, apply around 30g of glycerin.


Glycerin enhances the optical aspect of hookah smoking, forming fascinating smoke clouds. It also holds the other ingredients of shisha tobacco, with absence of glycerin, the flavoring and molasses would simply burn out before you even have an opportunity to enjoy your shisha.


Utilize glycerin in moderate quantities to avoid an excessively harsh or thick smoke. Moreover, you can bake the hookah tobacco prior to adding the flavors to facilitate seeping of glycerin and molasses into the tobacco leaves.


Different from other forms of tobacco like cigarettes and cigars, flavor is one of the key hookah tobacco characteristics. Traditionally, dry fruits, like mint, lemon, grape, and apple, were the common shisha tobacco flavorings. Presently, there are numerous flavors available gotten from food-grade flavoring extracts.


Adding shisha flavoring gives a myriad of aromas and tastes that makes hookah smoking more enjoyable.

Recommended Quantity:

the amount of flavoring to add is variable depending on the strength of the wanted flavor. Often, it is a small fraction of overall shisha tobacco ingredients percentage.


 Hookah flavoring positively influences the aroma and taste, enabling smokers to tailor their experience.


 Try various flavors, however take precaution over excess artificial flavorings use. They might modify the natural attributes of the hookah.

Ingredients in Tobacco-Free Shisha

Non tobacco hookah still offers similar soothing smoking experience as ordinary shisha tobacco, however without the dangerous nicotine effects. Therefore, they are perfect alternatives if you are searching for a means to shisha minus the adverse health effects, tobacco-free hookah is a great choice.

Tobacco free shisha ingredients comprise of blend of several fruit extracts, herbs, and flavorings. Nonetheless, the distinct ingredients can differ between products and hookah brands.

Here are some prevalent ingredients in non-tobacco shisha and their potential benefits and effects:


Used to improve flavor and develop the sticky texture. The sugar constituent can add to the sweetness of hookah smoke.


helps in providing moisture and developing denser smoke clouds. Similar to molasses, glycerin also incorporates some sweet aspects in the smoke.

Fruit Extracts:

Non-tobacco shisha ingredients such as fruit juices or dried fruit peels are applied as flavoring. Dependent on the fruit type utilized, these extracts can offer diverse flavors, ranging from strawberry, grape, apple, or cherry.

Tea Leaves and Herbs:

These tobacco free shisha ingredients are normally added to boost the flavor profile. They can consist of green tea leaves, chamomile, basil, or mint.

Artificial Flavorings:

Artificial shisha flavorings help in mimicking various tastes like beverages, desserts, or tropical fruits.


Herbal ingredients of in tobacco free shisha give a nicotine-free alternative for individual wishing to relish the social side of shisha smoking devoid of the nicotine effects.

Recommended Quantity

The amount of ingredients in tobacco-free shisha to use depends on the individual component and its potency. However, it is normally a small portion.


Gives a pleasant and mellow smoking encounter, though the taste might differ considerably from conventional tobacco-based hookah. Any type of shisha still exposes you to hazardous substances due to charcoal burning, majorly polyaromatic hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.


When you opt for non-tobacco shisha ingredients blends, try different selections to get flavors that match your preference. Nevertheless, be cautious of possible sensitivities or allergies. Similar to any kind of smoking, self-restraint is crucial. Moderate your usage of tobacco-free hookah to minimize potential health risks.


As you can see, there are many ingredients you can mix to get the best shisha flavor. At Jochamp, we are here to promote your business with right equipment.

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