Shisha Tobacco Industry Trends and Innovations

Shisha Tobacco Industry Trends and Innovations

Shisha tobacco also known as hookah is a combination of tobacco prepared with molasses and flavored fruits. Shisha smoke contains large amount of nicotine, carbon monoxide, tar and other ingredients. The water in the shisha does not remove any of the toxins.

Additionally, shisha tobacco has different flavors such as like fruits, mint, chocolate, caramel, blended flavor and apple. To obtain shisha tobacco flavor it goes under fermentation process which is smoked through a hookah apparatus.

The distribution channel of shisha tobacco can be either direct or indirect. With this background, let’s explores some trending innovations in the shisha tobacco industry.

Major Trends and Innovations in the Shisha Tobacco Industry

1. Trends in Tobacco Flavor

Shisha tobacco has been used in the early century. Where the hookah pipes made of glass were used to smoke and the mixture was water and tobacco leaves and had no added flavor.

This shisha tobacco, with no added flavor, become unpopular leading to creation of fermenting of tobacco leaves soaked with molasses, glycerin, and honey leading to its first flavor achieved.

Tobacco Flavors
Tobacco Flavors

Consumers who don’t use nicotine are able to use non-shisha tobacco flavor. This is where tea leaves and herbs are added instead of nicotine leaves.

The new invention entails adding of ingredients with cooling effect like mint or methanol thus making the smoking process comfortable and relaxing.

For beginners it is advised to use shisha tobacco flavors that offer fruity smell and taste that include oranges, lemons, grapes and mangoes. Some companies uses stronger tobacco (dark leaves) with high nicotine content for need it while others prefer to use the bright leaf tobacco compared to the dark leaf.

2. Shisha Tobacco Safety

Misleading information about shisha tobacco being safe especially to consumers who use non-shisha tobacco. They believe that non shisha tobacco does not contain any toxic products which may cause harm to their body. Ideally, this is not true.

You can learn more about: Shisha tobacco safety guidelines.

The smoke from a shisha contain carbon monoxide which is still harmful to the human body. This can lead to cancer and other diseases in the organs like coronary artery diseases among others.

The government has created a program that help raise awareness both in the community and included the program in schools .This helps educate members on the effects of using shisha tobacco and their side effects. The government has also enforce new laws to help control access to shisha tobacco.

One must reach a certain age for him or her to be able to buy shisha tobacco. Other measures include controlling the percentage on nicotine in shisha tobacco. This is unlike the old days where shisha tobacco could be accessed and sold to anyone and the percentage of nicotine was never controlled.

Again, here is a useful article on Shisha tobacco health effects.

3. Shisha Tobacco Storage

Good storage of shisha tobacco helps it last longer. If shisha tobacco is not stored well it can dry out and have a weaker taste and tend to smoke or light for shorter duration of time. This lead to invention of shisha tobacco containers to help in its storage.

Shisha tobacco is stored in a container that is air tight sealed and should be placed in a cool, dark, dry places such as the cabinet or closet.

Shisha Tobacco Storage Tins
Shisha Tobacco Storage Tins

You can learn more about: Shisha tobacco storage methods.

4. Shisha Tobacco Smoking Equipment

Shisha tobacco smoking equipment have evolved with time in different shapes and sizes. The new invention of small portable smoking equipment has led to increase of Shisha tobacco consumer.

Shisha Tobacco Smoking Equipment
Shisha Tobacco Smoking Equipment

This is because those who don’t want to smoke in hookah’s bars and lounges can smoke in private. Shisha tobacco smoking equipment has evolved from the old Hi-Tech club shisha port to small water pipe portable mini shisha tobacco (vapor).

5. Shisha Tobacco Packaging

Good packaging of shisha tobacco helps to increase profit and sales of shisha tobacco. Good packaging enhance and reduce returns of damage shisha thus reduces loses.

Shisha tobacco packaging entails small details like the ingredients used, the type of flavors and the type of substance present in shisha tobacco.

In case you are setting up your factory, we have an efficient shisha tobacco packaging machine.


Shisha Tobacco Packaging Tins
Shisha Tobacco Packaging Tins


Shisha tobacco industry has experience significant growth over the past years due to the increasing popularity of shisha bars and lounges, growing demand of flavored tobacco products, social acceptance among others.

The new different types of innovation have also contributed much to the growth of shisha tobacco.

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