Shisha Tobacco Flavors - the Ultimate Guide

Currently, it is exciting to find some of the best shisha tobacco flavors out there. Shisha tobacco flavors mostly come with fragrant smell of spices, fruits, and this makes them famous. Read on to be informed more on shisha tobacco flavors.

Some common shish tobacco flavors are:

Lemon & Mint Shisha Tobacco Flavor Mix.

This flavor is ideal for lovers of lemon flavor with the minty feel. So, smokers get to have a taste of lemon and mint all through their smoke. This flavor is perfect for summertime. Also, it is very safe due to the health benefits lemon and mint have individually.

Mint Shisha Tobacco Flavour Mix
Mint Shisha Tobacco Flavour Mix

Watermelon and Passion Fruit Flavor Mix

This specific flavor has a strong but mild aroma. It is very easy to smoke and sweet as well. So, for new smokers, this works perfectly. This can be smoked at any time of the day. The taste of watermelons and passion fruits will always be felt.

Blue Mist Shisha Tobacco Flavor

The blue mist flavor is mostly a blend of sweet blueberries and mint. The freshness that comes with mint plus sweetness that blueberries bring cannot be taken lightly. This flavor works perfectly for both new and experienced smokers. Also, it is ideal for every season.

Blue Mist Shisha Tobacco Flavor Mix
Blue Mist Shisha Tobacco Flavor Mix

Watermelon Shisha Tobacco Flavor

For new smokers, this is a flavor you will love. Also, for expert smokers, the experience will be worth it. This flavor is mostly not too sweet but is just right to excite your taste buds. Due to its refreshing taste that smokers get after smoking, it keeps the smoking feel lasting longer.

Watermelon Shisha Tobacco Flavor
Watermelon Shisha Tobacco Flavor

Mint and Grapes Shisha Tobacco Flavor

For lovers of grapes but want to have it in a cooler feel when smoked, the grape and mint flavors will do a perfect job. The balance is indeed perfect. No wonder it is very popular and many smokers both new and experienced have this shisha tobacco flavor in their list of best flavors.

Grapes Shisha Tobacco Flavor Mix
Grapes Shisha Tobacco Flavor Mix

Grapes or Grapefruit Shisha Tobacco Flavor

For lovers of pure grapes and its sweetness, the grapes shisha tobacco flavor will definitely be worth it. This specific flavor is famous due to its unique quality. Grapes are sweet but have a sour taste too. Due to that, for new smokers, and for every season, this will definitely be perfect to choose from.

Cellulose Leaves and Flavored Glycerin Shisha Tobacco Flavor

The scent of this flavor is very sweet and cool. Also, for every day in each year, smoking this flavor will feel brand new. This is because it gives a refreshing as well as intense experience. Excitingly, this flavor comes with some benefits health-wise. So, smokers are really in for a treat.

Butter Biscuit Shisha Tobacco Flavor

There is the butter biscuit shisha tobacco flavor which gives smokers that feel of crunching these biscuits for real. Also, most experienced smokers love to smoke this flavor. This doesn’t mean it is restricted to experts alone. Many newbies in the shisha tobacco smoking world do their very best to experience this flavor too.

Pistachios and Pecans Shisha Tobacco Flavor

This delicate combination blend is mostly with roasted pistachios and some sweet pecans. This refined taste gives smokers that feel of perfection and that counts. From the best flavors, this mixture is always sweet and stays in the throat for longer hours of the day. They are ideal for smokers with some level of experience in smoking shisha tobacco.

Pecans Shisha Tobacco Flavor Mix
Pecans Shisha Tobacco Flavor Mix

Blueberry and Dragon Fruit Mix Shisha Tobacco Flavor

When the frozen blueberry is added to dragon fruit, this mix is indeed a smoker’s delight. For smokers with much love for atypical tastes, this fruit mix works. Most smokers tend to wonder the world in which they are with this flavor being smoked and are always excited. This flavor works perfectly for smokers with some experience.

Harlequin Candy and Mint Mix Flavor

Where shisha tobacco is concerned, this flavor is one that provides smokers with variety of sweetness choices in one flavor. This is because with harlequin candy, rediscovering sweetness is assured. Also, the addition of mint adds some level of freshness to the whole package. So, for every time within the day, shisha smokers have a way to experience smoking perfection.

Pineapple and Mango Mix Shisha Tobacco Flavor

For all smokers, this mix is needed. This fruit mix is perfect for both experienced and beginner smokers. Also, for lovers of traveling to exotic destinations, having a feel of smoking this flavor on your exotic travels will be the best. The mango and pineapple mix gives smokers a taste that is both strong and mild.

Pineapple Shisha Tobacco Flavor

Pineapple shisha tobacco flavor works for new smokers a lot. This is due to how they smell good and also how it stays in the throat for a long period. This flavor mostly come with some additions and can be checked out too.

Pineapple and Mint Mix

Here, pineapple is mixed with some fresh mint. This gives the whole mix a strong, but cool and sweet as well as right smell for smokers. This flavor is perfect for parties and other events. Also, they work ideally for new smokers as well as experienced smokers.

Sweet Berries Mix Flavor

The sweet berries mix is ideally the mixture of forest fruits to create that perfect shisha tobacco flavor that cannot be resisted. This mixture brings smokers clouds of smoke that are thick and this is exciting. They are perfect for the winter season. But smokers can decide to smoke when to use this mix.

Sweet Berries Mix Flavor
Sweet Berries Mix Flavor

Blue Berries and Mint Shisha Tobacco Mix Flavor

With the original blue berries used to make this flavor and some fresh mint added, the combo is indeed one smokers have grown to love. For smokers who love to try different shisha tobacco flavors, there is no way this flavor will be put down once used for the first time. The taste of blue berries with mint inclusive gets smokers in a world of loving smoking more.

Mango Shisha Tobacco Flavor

Mango is a tropical fruit that is loved. This is why most shisha tobacco flavors have mango used from time to time. These mixes are simply exciting and makes tropical flavors stand out altogether. These mango flavors can be strong at times. So, for beginner smokers, there should be no rush.

Mango Shisha Tobacco Flavor
Mango Shisha Tobacco Flavor

Passion Fruit, Mint, and Watermelon Mix

This mixture is simply one that is fresh. Any blend that includes mint will always be one that moves down the throat smoothly and keeps the mouth fresh. For smokers who do not want to get tired or bored of smoking all through the different seasons, this blend works perfectly.

Peach, Cranberry, and Orange Blend

For lovers of summer holidays and smoking shisha tobacco, this blend is where to go. There is no need finding other blends for these holidays. The sweet, soar, and perfect scented blend will keep the whole summer experience worth it. This fruity cocktail vibe is perfect for new

Lime, Passion Fruit, and Grape Fruit Mix

If smokers want to have that feeling to kick them, this blend makes it happen. This mixture is not just exciting to smoke. It is easy to love the cloud of smoke that comes from the smoking process and how it transforms the scenery of the location. This is perfect for summer seasons. Also, it is perfect for experienced smokers.

Double Apple Shisha Tobacco Flavor

This is mostly a blend of the green and red apples. Due to the uncertainty of this flavor and how its tastes can hit smokers, beginners need to expect excitement before they smoke it. When smokers expect excitement, they do not worry when the taste is sour or sweet. With this blend, the pieces are chopped coarsely.

Mint Flavor

Most of the time, smokers of shisha tobacco find it feasible to smoke pure mint flavor when they have a cold or during summer seasons. The coolness of mint flavored shisha tobacco is indeed exciting. During summer seasons, the whole feel of smoking will definitely make smokers feel good.

Herbal Mix Flavors

For lovers of healthy herbs, checking out the different herbal blends and mixes will help a lot. The feeling of smoking and knowing you are getting some medicinal benefits makes a lot of sense. Some herbal trees, leaves, etc are blended or mixed together to get such blends. This blend can be one choice for summer seasons.

Lime and Lemon Mix

Is noted for its refreshing and rejuvenating taste. It is, however, perfect for experienced smokers due to how hard its citrus flavoring can be.

Mandarin and Grapefruit Blend

This is another citrus blend out there for lovers of shisha tobacco smoking. This blend is indeed unique and when mint is added to it, it comes alive. So, smokers can decide to choose based on the mood they are in and how they want to feel.

 Chocolate and Mint Shisha Tobacco Flavor

For a lover of chocolate who always wants to make smoking an attractive and lovely time, the chocolate and mint blend or flavor will always do the magic. The smell of chocolate is just a smell that cannot be ignored. Just imagined some mind added, this will definitely get smokers in the right mood of relaxation and clearing their heads.

Strawberry Plus Mint Blend

The sweetness and feel of class that comes with strawberries comes to play with this blend. With the right balance made possible with mints, the cooling effect is just top-notch. This unique and refreshing blend is ideal for summer season smoking.

Watermelon and Lime Shisha Tobacco Flavor

For lovers of summer smoking, this blend will be perfect to choose. With juiciness and sweetness of watermelons and the sour taste of lime that cuts through this sweetness makes it perfect. Just imagine lying on the beach and smoking this flavor, it hits just right.

Lemon and Ginger Shisha Tobacco Flavor

For smokers who love to have that kick in their shisha tobacco smoking experience, this blend works. As the ginger brings some spice, the lemon is tangy and tart. This makes it perfect for every season. Smokers get to decide when they feel like having that kick with this mix.

Cinnamon and Grape Mix Shisha Tobacco Flavor

This combination is spicy and sweet at the same time. For winter smoking, this is a perfect pick. Grapes bring the sweetness that the warm feeling of cinnamon offsets. This blend is perfect if you just need that kick within to get through the day and still feel excited and joyful.

Vanilla and Peach Shisha Tobacco Mix Flavor

Vanilla in this blend brings in that level of creaminess that makes smooth the blend as peach brings in the succulent feel. This blend is just perfect for new or beginner smokers.

There are so many other flavors which include:

  • Grape, mint, and guava flavor.
  • Berry, orange, and mint blend.
  • Cola and mint flavor.
  • Cherry, cola, and mint flavor.

With all the above flavors and more being added from time to time, there is no way smokers will run out of flavors to smoke with their hookah. Shisha tobacco flavors will always increase excitement of smokers.


As you can see, there are many shisha tobacco flavors to choose from. As a matter of fact, you can mix different flavors of shisha tobacco for your unique taste.

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