Shisha Tobacco Flavor Innovation

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Shisha Tobacco Flavor Innovation

Shisha tobacco flavor is a product consisting of mainly tobacco leaf, glycerin, molasses and various flavors. To obtain a shisha tobacco flavor, a fermentation process is involved.

Invention of First Shisha Tobacco Flavor

Shisha tobacco has been in use since the 16th Century, however, during that time it was not flavored. Hookah pipes made of glass were used to smoke the then mixture of water and tobacco leaves.

Glass Hookah Pipe
Glass Hookah Pipe

Looking at the shisha history, the original shisha tobacco had no added flavors and was therefore not different from other harsh products like cigars and cigarettes. Due to the strong smell and harshness of shisha tobacco, it was becoming unpopular. This led to an experiment carried out back in the 1990s, the fermentation of tobacco leaves soaked in molasses, glycerin and honey.

A smoother and sweeter smoking flavor was achieved from that first experiment. This increased shisha tobacco popularity and led to its spread globally. Shisha tobacco flavors have over the years increased in number to over hundreds.

Benefits of Trending Shisha Tobacco Flavors

There are several misconceptions about the benefits and disadvantages of shisha tobacco flavors. However, research has proven that it has real benefits to users as listed below.

  • Mind and body relaxing experience to users
  • Lowered stress levels in smokers
  • Helps with cases of insomnia or lack of sleep
  • Promotes a conducive environment for socializing among users.
  • Flavors tend to reduce the degree of harm and “harshness”

New Innovations in Shisha Tobacco Flavors

People who don’t use nicotine have a reason to smile. Currently, there are non-tobacco hookah flavors. This has actually made shisha smoking a better experience for them.

Tea leaves and herbs are used instead of the nicotiana leaves. This innovation was first tried in India and now spreading to other countries.


Fumari Company in the United States has come up with ways to mix different flavors in one shisha tobacco product. The best part, most shisha smokers love this since they can now enjoy mixed flavors.  This has made the experience even better.

In the United States, the Fumari Company makes use of a stronger tobacco (dark leaf) with high nicotine content for users who need it. Most people are used to the bright leaf tobacco compared to the dark leaf one.

Dark Tobacco Leaves
Dark Tobacco Leaves
Bright Tobacco Leaves
Bright Tobacco Leaves

UK shisha smokers are now enjoying flavors that offer a more cooling effect. The most recent innovation in shisha flavors involves addition of ingredients with a cooling effect like mint or menthol. This makes the smoking process comfortable and relaxing.

Best Hookah Flavors for Beginners

Shisha tobacco consumers are now lost for choices because of the variety of flavors readily available in the market. However, for a beginner, it is safe and advisable to go for flavors that offer a fruity smell and taste. Some of these flavors include oranges, lemons, grapes, watermelons and mangoes.

Alternatively, you can decide to go for a nicotine or tobacco free shisha flavors such as fantasia nicotine-free shisha or urth tree tobacco-free shisha.

Also, consider a shisha tobacco flavor that has been seasoned with mint or chocolate to make your smoking experience comfortable.

A beginner needs something that is comfortable and easy to smoke. Most beginners find AI Fakher a better options. Ideally, this is simply a shisha flavor mixer of grade and mint.

Adalya flavor also contain low level of nicotine and would be a good choice for a beginner.


Best Hookah Flavors without Tobacco

If you are not comfortable smoking nicotine products, then it is time to try hookah flavors that do not contain tobacco. Currently, most manufacturers are also focusing on the nicotine-free shish smoking.

However, you must be cautious when it comes to choosing tobacco-free hookah flavors. Only use those from reputable manufacturers who can stand-by the content of their products.

Fantasia Herbal Shisha

The molasses used for the production of fantasia herbal shisha are obtained from sugarcane.

Hydro Herbal Tobacco Free Shisha

Hydro herbal nicotine free shisha is made up of organic herbs and flavors of best quality. A sugarcane fiber is used as the base and glycerin and flavors similar to what is used in shisha tobacco flavors. Some of the flavors in this category include citrus twist and hurricane.

Tanya Shisha Herbal Packs

Tanya shisha herbal packs are obtained by mixing and fermenting herbal leaves added to flavors. Now non-nicotine consumers can have a taste of a number of flavors like mango and watermelon.

Soex Nicotine-free Hookah Shisha

Soex nicotine free shisha contains no nicotine, tar or tobacco. The production process considers high quality. Herbal raw material is required in its production process. Consumers can now have different flavors from cranberry to blackberry to banana and many more.

Tobacco Free Hookah Flavors by Sunlight.

Sunlight shisha products offer a variety of flavors including blue fly, grapefruit, coconut, lemon mint, love 66, passion fruit watermelon and orange mint.

New Trends in Hookah Flavor Combinations

Let’s look as some interesting facts about hookah flavor combinations in the market today:

Hookah Smoking Statistics
Hookah Smoking Statistics
  • In Germany, hookain, produced by Moniker the cologne-based company, is now trending and on a higher demand. Hookain is now moving to other parts of the world like Syria, Iran and Turkey.
  • India’s Afzal launched in 2019 in the UK is growing in demand and is giving Al Fakher and Starbuzz sleepless nights.
  • New brands of hookah flavor combinations are being created everyday with companies trying different flavors to be able to serve the ever-growing market. Hookain has also come up with steam stones made of natural soap.
  • Manufacturers have also been creative enough and now the market is flooded with different shisha flavors that are tobacco free. This was purposely created for people who could not consume nicotine in tobacco. Therefore, there is a shisha flavor smoking fun for everyone.
  • Recently, shisha tobacco smokers have shown interest in flavors that impart a better cooling effect, for instance, frozen apple. Some of the ingredients used in this shisha flavor include menthol and or mint. Consumers now prefer a mixture of flavors in their shisha tobacco instead of the original one flavored shisha.
  • Another noticeable trend in hookah flavor combinations is the demand of stronger a high nicotine content among smokers. They claim to have used the brighter leaf for a long time. Therefore, the need for the stronger and dark leaf for a better experience.
  • Apart from the shisha tobacco flavors, the hookah pipes and bowls have been produced widely by different manufacturers. This is done depending on the needs of a target users using different materials as desired.
  • Shisha tobacco smoking is slowly doing away with cigars and cigarettes since its less harmful and creates a better social environment. Many people prefer shisha smoking to cigarette smoking.


As you can shisha tobacco flavor is an innovation that has evolved over time. Ideally, it has aimed at making shisha smoking a better experience.

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