Shisha Tobacco Filling Machine Manufacturer

Jochamp is a leading manufacturer of shisha tobacco filling machine that is easy to use and durable. These machines are great for use in different tobacco products to match your business requirements.

  • Full servo control
  • Highly customizable based on customer’s requirements
  • High precision
  • High efficiency
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JOCHAMP Shisha Tobacco Filling Machine

The shisha tobacco filling machine is commonly used in tobacco making. It is manufactured from high-quality and premium materials such as food-grade aluminum. This machine is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and durable. Also, the shisha tobacco filling machine adopts plastic and stainless steel materials, the perfect machine to produce cigarette rolls as a machine.

JOCHAMP is a professional shisha tobacco filling machine manufacturer that can make custom designs based on your requirements. All our machines are manufactured in compliance with CE, SGS, ISO9001, and cGMP standards. We also conduct strict quality control before we deliver your shisha tobacco filling machine.

Advantage of Shisha Tobacco Filling Machine

  • Efficient: Filling, bag-making, cutting, sealing, date/lot number, heating achieved in a single time.
  • Profession: Upgradable PLC system, dual inverter controller, double encoder, and self-failure diagnosis.
  • Characteristics: With the safe operation, automatic stop function, and saving the film.
  • Adaptability: One machine can be applicated to multiple products through optional tools, such as feeding line, air-filling device, etc.
Advantage of Shisha Tobacco Filling Machine

Common Application

JOCHAMP shisha tobacco filling machine is widely applied to agricultural products and pickled fermented foods such as:

  • Mint Flavor Shisha Tobacco
  • Apple Flavor Shisha Tobacco
  • Chocolate Flavor Shisha Tobacco
  • Molasses Tobacco
  • Hookah Tobacco, etc.
Reliable Shisha Tobacco Filling Machine Supplier

Our shisha tobacco filling machines are user-friendly and have excellent parameters. It can guarantee accurate and high-performance with competitive prices, fast delivery, and exceptional after-sale care.

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