Shisha Safety Tobacco Guidelines

Smoking shisha is fun. However, you must follow some safety guidelines. This will ensure both your shisha tobacco remains safe besides, protecting other users as well.

Let’s look at some important shisha tobacco safety measures.

Begin With a Clean Hookah Pipe


There is a need to always begin with cleaning the hookah pipe. Where concerns about germ exposure comes in, cleaning hookah pipes is a necessity. Fresh water can be used to clean these pipes before smoking. This aids in preventing germs and mold build up.

This leads to ensuring smoking flavors are felt best. Dirty water kills the great feeling of shisha flavors. Ensure everything is well cleaned. If you have hoses that are washable (make sure they are), wash them completely.

Hookah Pipe
Hookah Pipe

Follow the Right Hookah Smoking Methods or Protocols

Deciding to follow the fundamental smoking methods helps a lot. The following needs to be done right:

  • Blowing smoke into the space of another person is not right at all.
  • There is the need for smoking to be done in spaces that are well-ventilated. This way, the smoke rings can spread out without being a bother to others around.

Purging is Necessary.

The initial puff is mostly the best. However, when you have hookahs purged first, it makes smoking exciting. When purging is done, it takes out all stale air as water levels are checked.

Do Not Share Hookah Pipes With Others

Due to the recent issues of COVID-19 and contaminations through air, sharing and rotating hookah is not required. Due to the mouthpiece, there is the need for all smokers to have their very own hookah pipe mouthpieces. This increases safety as it should be for smokers to prevent the spreading of germs.

Choose Disposable Hookah Products

If it happens that there will be the tendency to share hookah pipes, there are disposable hookah hoses as well as pipes that can be used. This helps to reduce issues of contamination or movements. This is budget friendly as well. When all smokers have individual parts, enjoying hookah smoking is smoother.

Never Smooth When Unwell

Although this part seems quite common, it is required. When unwell, there is no need for smoking hookah. Showing signs of being unwell means spreading germs is high. So, this should not be done.

Get the Right Flavor Mixes Ready

Different hookah tobacco flavors exist. Since that is the case, it is important the right mixes are made. When that is done, the right outcome is achieved with the smoking experience. There are specific hookah tobacco flavors for summer, for winter, for spring, and for all seasons. So, you need to ensure you have what you need specifically.

Shisha Tobacco Flavors
Shisha Tobacco Flavors

Food and Smoking

Never smoke on an empty stomach. Eating some snacks or a full meal before beginning the smoking session is important. This will prevent smokers from feeling light headed or sick, this is ideal for first timers.

Store Tobacco Hookah Rightly

The process through which hookah is stored is very important as cleaning it is. Ensure it is fried before it is put away. Pipes that are not stored well become a home for mold and germs that can lead to health problems for smokers. Also, checking the date of expiry helps a lot.

Inhaling Should Be Light

For first time smokers, it is important for the amount or quantity pulled into bit by bit. When that is not done, it helps smokers. When much more is pulled in, it doesn’t help smokers. Also, a smoker needs to take smaller smoking breaks. Smokers should never rush things through.

Add Reputable Shisha Tobacco Brands

Smoking hookah is not something that should be taken lightly. This is where buying from the right brands helps a lot. There are countless brands available now selling different brands of shisha tobacco. Below are some of the top brands:

  • Al Faker
  • Social tobacco
  • Tangiers Shisha
  • Haze tobacco
  • Starbuzz Shisha
  • Fumari Shisha
  • Trifecta
  • Khalil Mamoon
  • Haze
  • Darkside


Smoking hookah tobacco is all about relaxation. Knowing the right way to smoke is not bad at all. It helps to keep you healthy and well in all ways. Being in the dark about these details doesn’t help smokers. Finally, it is best for hookah to be washed after and before use.

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