Seed Packing Machine Supplier

Jochamp is an expert manufacturer of seed packing machines that can pack 5-60 seed bags per minute. These machines ensure damage-free and contamination-free seed products.

  • Offer extreme precision
  • Provides trouble-free operation
  • Suitable for packing all kinds of seed products
  • Require low maintenance

Custom Seed Packing Machine Supplier in China - Jochamp

Seed packing machine is designed to ensure trouble-free packing of different seed varieties. These machines have combined low maintenance with ease of changeover and high durability to achieve a trouble-free process. They pack seed and granule products in various bag types.

Our seed packing machine has a packaging range from 100 grams up to 1000 grams. These machines are totally automatic and customized to meet your high expectations and exact applications. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the seed packing machines are known for their durability and extreme corrosive protection. Partner with us and avail our special services today!

Custom Seed Packing Machine Features

Jochamp provides seed packing machines with complete features, such as:

  • The seed packing machine automates the entire feed intake, metering, bagging, date publishing, charging (exhausting), and product outputting process.
  • Cost-effective, complete set of equipment.
  • Volumetric cups can be made to open and close model measuring equipment.

Fully Automatic, High Speed Machine

The seed packing machine is completely automated and designed for accurate and rapid seed packaging procedures. This cutting-edge machine allows seed manufacturers to fully automate their packing process while keeping an exact count of nearly 100%.

These automated machines can also count seeds with sizes ranging from 1 mm to 25 mm (depending on seed quantity per pack). It can count and pack up to 24 bags of 1000 tomato seeds per minute, making it ideal for big packet order series.

Skyrocket Your Business With Jochamp!

Jochamp always provides high-quality machines for your industry, such as our seed packing machine. We can provide a wide range of seed packing machines with high speed, superior efficiency, and ease of operation. Please contact us right away!

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