Sandwich Packaging Machine Manufacturer in China

Jochamp is a trusted and expert manufacturer of sandwich packaging machines in China. We are dedicated to providing affordable, solid, durable, and hygienic sandwich packaging machines and effective packaging solutions to customers worldwide.

  • High precision and speed
  • Intelligent control system
  • Consistency and reliability
  • Ease of use

JOCHAMP Sandwich Packaging Machine

Sandwich packaging machines have reasonable machine configuration and streamlined appearance designs with low noise, less trouble, and easy maintenance. Adjustment is made simple by the color touch screen display, which also serves as a self-diagnosis and data-storing tool. Furthermore, an intelligent machine temperature controller with a digital display is appropriate for a variety of sandwich packaging materials. This is a completely automated sandwich packaging system for medium- and large-scale production. 

At Jochamp, you can be assured that you get a 100% original sandwich packaging machine. Our sandwich packaging machine is innovated and designed according to cGMP, CE, and ISO requirements. We provide localized installation, after-sales, and training services globally. If you’re looking for a fantastic and experienced producer of sandwich packaging machines, Jochamp is the best option. Now is the time to contact us with your query.

Sandwich Packaging Machine Qualities

Sandwich packaging machines continue to be used by many packaging companies because of their amazing qualities, including:

  • Easy and rapid parameter setup with human-machine interaction.
  • Simple failure display and self-diagnosis function.
  • Different packaging materials can be accommodated by a separate PID temperature control.
  • A straightforward driving system, consistent performance, and easy maintenance.
  • The software implements all controls, making it simple to upgrade and change the way they work.
  • Double transducer control, and adjustable bag length cutting.
Sandwich Packaging Machine Qualities
Benefits of Purchasing Frozen Food Packaging Machine from Jochamp

Benefits of Purchasing Frozen Food Packaging Machine from Jochamp

Based on your requirements and requests, our team will put forth enough effort to develop a completely new, premium sandwich packaging machine. 

  • High speed: Sandwich packaging machines make it possible to pack and seal things considerably faster than is possible manually.
  • Versatility: The machines can fill ready-made bags or pouches, cut the film to fit, and automatically detect big and oddly shaped objects.
  • Cost-Effective: These sandwich packing devices will aid in lowering labor expenses and generating savings throughout the manufacturing process. 
Reliable Sandwich Packaging Machine Supplier in China
Reliable Sandwich Packaging Machine Supplier in China

Engineers at JOCHAMP are aiming to create the most distinct vision of superiority and remarkable innovation in sandwich packaging machines. Aside from that, we can supply all kinds of packaging machinery. Send your inquiry now.

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