JOCHAMP Salt Packing Machine

Jochamp is a knowledgeable manufacturer of salt packing machines in China. We are providing a top solution to meet the needs of the salt industry. Our machine can be customized to fit any packaging requirements.

  • Simple to set up and use
  • CE, ISO, SGS, and cGMP certified
  • Quality assurance for one year
  • Meets EU standard

Custom Salt Packing Machine

Salt packing machine includes automatic bagging, filling, weighing, closing, cutting, counting, and sewing. The PLC control system displays the amount of filling and the number of packings, and it is simple to start and stop. The machine has a capacity between 25 to 50 kg packs, providing our clients with flexible choice.

Jochamp manufacture salt packing machine using food-grade, quality stainless steel to expand the service life. In our company, we employ knowledgeable designers and sales staff to assist in finding the right machine for you. We also accept custom orders for meeting your specific needs. Message our team today!

Working Principle

Material enters the hopper from the feeding tank after the machine is started. Because the frequency changing feature controls the filling flow, the speed is controlled in accordance with the production speed. The bag clamping device is powered up once the bag is full, and the salt in the bag is compressed. And at last, the salt bag is stitched together in the sewing system.

Zipper Pouch Packing Machine Main Features

Salt Packing Machine Features

  • The filling procedure is followed in a hygienic manner.
  • The machine takes up less space in the factory and can make adjustments to all areas due to its compact structure.
  • Because of the low likelihood of machine failure, repair work costs are reduced.
  • Its easy control panel is made possible by the weight input, weight display, and time display.
  • The measurement tolerance is 0.2 percent.
Your Reliable Salt Packing Machine Supplier in China
Your Reliable Salt Packing Machine Supplier in China

Jochamp offers an easy-to-use, high-performance, high-speed salt packing machine. We offer a one-year warranty and lifetime after-sales service. Our salt packing machine is available at a very reasonable price!

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