Salad Packaging Machine Manufacturer in China

JOCHAMP is a professional manufacturer of salad packaging machines that can able to pack different types of fruits, fresh fruits, that help to avoid damage and to prevent contamination. It is an economical sanitary way to bag a wide variety of producing salad and salad dressing.

  • Provide high accuracy
  • Has a touch screen for easy use
  • Have a pneumatic control and power control
  • Suitable for packaging different types of food products

JOCHAMP Salad Packaging Machines

JOCHAMP is a leading provider of salad packaging machines that are widely used for different industries such as manufacturing plants, restaurants, food and beverages, factories, home use, food shops, and more. It is environmentally friendly, convenient, efficient to use for packaging, and designed to ensure the safety of goods.

We can provide customized and fully automatic salad packaging machines solutions to meet your specific needs. Our salad packaging machine is made from high-quality materials and manufactured using advanced equipment to meet a high performance during packaging. Also, JOCHAMP provides OEM and ODM services for you.

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What is Salad Packaging Machine from JOCHAMP?

The salad packaging machine has an atmosphere packaging system that installs in a machine. It is used carbon dioxide and nitrogen which helps to control the respiration rate of packaging salad and to extend the shelf life of freshness.  Also, the salad packaging machine used vertical fill forms and seals that help to package products into a bag form. It can able to cut, wash and package different types of products.

Our salad packaging machine can offer a multi-step process when using productions that involve multiple wash stations, mixing, visual inspections, drying, and conveying. We manufacture salad packing machine that offers different size, colors, designs, and powers to meet your specific requirements for your business.

What is Salad Packaging Machine
Characteristic of Salad Packaging Machine

Characteristic of Salad Packaging Machine

Below is the following characteristic of the salad packaging machine:

  • PCL control with a stable and reliable biaxial
  • It has a color touch screen, printer, measuring, bag maker, filler, and cutter
  • Can able to finish in one operation
  • Have a separate circuit box for power and pneumatic control
  • Has a film-pulling with a servo motor with a double belt
  • Close down type mechanism
  • External film releasing mechanism
  • Has an adjustable touchscreen
One Stop Salad Packaging Machine Solution for Your Business
One Stop Salad Packaging Machine Solution for Your Business

JOCHAMP always ensures to give top quality machines for your business including our salad packaging machine. We can provide a wide variety of salad packaging machines that can offer high speed, high performance, and are easy to operate. We can also offer low MOQ, affordable prices, and fast delivery. Don’t hesitate to message us now!

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