Puff Packing Machine Manufacturer in China

With over 15 years of our company and technical experts’ combined experience, we can realize and understand our customers’ requirements and machinery solutions for puff products. We can provide some support services options such as:

  • In-person startup assistance
  • Aftermarket parts assistance
  • Regular after-sales care
  • Point-to-point trade process services

Jochamp Puff Packing Machine

Our puff packing machines are consistent and can be a perfect match for different production process packaging. It has a simplified design concept of a packaging production line that helps the packaging production become easy and simple to use as possible. Provides strict production coordination and rhythm that allows optimization of the production process and increases the output.

JOCHAMP is breaking through and innovating the basic and standard packaging lines depending on product classification, as we believe that different products also come with different features. Our engineering and designing teams work on customizing different packaging machine solutions to reach the customer’s requirements.

Benefits of Using JOCHAMP Puff Packing Machine

JOCHAMP provides puff packing machine with the following benefits:

  • Higher speed option
  • Our puff packing machine is easy to use and provides less servicing machine requirements.
  • It cuts the batches at prefixed length
  • increased shelf life
  • JOCHAMP packing machine has automatic correction and adjustment of pouch sealing.
  • Less laminate required
Advantage of Using JOCHAMP Puff Packing Machine
Features of Puff Packing Machine

Features of Puff Packing Machine

JOCHAMP provides puff packing machine with custom and standard features, such as:

  • Single/Dual Track Options
  • Precision Sealing
  • Pneumatic Coding Device
  • Nitrogen Flushing Device
  • Zipper Pouch Sealing
  • Batch Cutting Device
  • Three Side Sealing Option
  • Photo Registration Control System
  • PLC Controlled Machine
Your Solution Provider of Puff Packing Machine

Do you have a special puff production? Well, contact us now for the details as we are highly confident that we provide the best puff packaging solution. JOCHAMP is here to provide an innovative way of packaging your puff and other goods.

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