High Speed Reciprocating Heat Shrink Packaging Machine

ZWG-500 Shrink Flow Packaging Machine is a flexible piece of machinery designed for the packaging of products. We provide two kinds of flow pack wrapping machines, the HFFS pack wrapper, and the VFFS pack wrapper.

The ZWG-500 horizontal wrapper equipment is a reciprocating type horizontal shrink flow pack wrapping machine (HFFS). In this packaging process, the packaging film is first sealed, and then it is cut after being transported traveling a set distance, At the end, the product is wrapped in a packaging film through thermal shrinkage. This kind of pack form guarantees a delicate package appearance, good integrity preservation, and freshness of the product.

The packing form of the ZWG-500 is up-film packaging. In addition, we provide a variety of packaging films. Controlled by 3 servo motors, the ZWG-500 consists of an infeed machine, shrink wrapper, and cutting unit. The feeding, forming, and sealing are fully automatic. This design can guarantee the stability of the conveyor belt speed, package integrity, and production output.