High Speed Full Servo Pillow Packaging Machine

Compare with the traditional JCD300 wrapper, the JCD300 servo flow wrapper is controlled by a servo motor, which brings stable to convey belt speed, good package integrity, and high productivity. In addition, The improved DXD300 plus servo flow wrapper can realize the old and new film connection smoothly without stopping the machine, thus reducing the time of film replacement and greatly improving efficiency. What’s more, JCD300 plus adopts a PC control screen, which makes operators easier to use. Therefore, operation training is needless.

DXD300 servo flow wrapper adopts an up-film packing form. Varieties of composite films are available to package deckle-edge products and products with crumbs or burrs such as biscuits. Moreover, DXD300 plus could package single or multiple products of various types including biscuits, chocolate, and cakes as well as cards, daily necessities, etc