High-speed automatic turntable sorting flow packaging machine for candy

The JCD-1600 series flow pack packaging equipment is designed and manufactured for the packaging of small products such as candy, and more. It is a kind of up-film packing HFFS wrapper, and it is also a flow-wrapping machine.

The automatic bowl feeder of JCD-1600 has a wide width of 1.2m, which makes the packaged products fall into the feeding device. Moreover, the JCD-1600 is equipped with six cutting heads so that it has a maximum packaging speed of 1400bags/min. Compared with the JCD-1200, the JCD-1600 has a lower empty bag rate, better quality, and material utilization.

The vertical sealing device of the JCD-1600 is equipped with a traction wheel and one heat welding wheel, which can guarantee high preheat speed and the integrity of packaged products and maximizes the yield.